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Mexico old city - World News This Week #14 | NF World Latest News

1,500 year-old city in Mexico | World’s Oldest Tree | ADF killed 27 people | 31 people died in a stampede in Nigeria | Iran seized 2 Greek tankers – World News this week

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A 1,500-year-old city discovered by archaeologists in Mexico

While archaeologists excavating in Mexico’s Yucatan area, they have discovered the ruins of a centuries-old Mayan metropolis.

The Mayan city of Xiol, which means “the spirit of man” in Mayan. It is said to have housed 4,000 people between 600 and 900 CE during the late classic era.

In 2018, they discovered the region on a building site for a proposed industrial park near Merida on Yucatan’s northern coast. Later, the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) took over the site.

“The discovery of this Mayan city is significant because of its colossal design. And also, it has been preserved despite being located on private land,” Arturo Chab Cardenas, delegate for the INAH centre in Yucatan, told news agency EFE.

World’s Oldest Tree is in Chile: New Study

A new study discovered that an ancient alerce tree known as “great grandfather” might be more than 5,000 years old. This beautiful green forest in southern Chile may be the world’s oldest tree.

Because of the large trunk of the tree, scientists were unable to calculate an accurate age using tree rings. To count tree rings, a 1 metre (1.09 yards) cylinder of wood is normally taken. However, the great grandfather’s trunk has a diameter of 4 metres.

According to Jonathan Barichivich, the sample they collected and other dating tests indicate the tree is up to 5,484 years old.

A notorious rebellion group killed 27 people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

According to the army and Red Cross, the members of a known rebel group in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo have massacred at least 27 people on May 28.

According to the Kivu Security Tracker (KST), the rebel Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) killed twenty-seven people. KST monitors violence in the region through a team of specialists on the ground.

KST has accused the ADF, described as the Islamic State’s local division, of killing hundreds of civilians in DRC’s volatile east.

Following the attack in the Beni district of North Kivu province, troops chased the assailants and “neutralised seven ADF” while apprehending another.

Thirty-one people died in a stampede at a church event in Nigeria

According to police and security authorities, a stampede at a church on May 28 killed 31 people. The church is in the southern Nigerian city of Port Harcourt. The unfortunate fact is that the majority of those killed were kids.

According to Olufemi Ayodele, the event occurred at a local polo club where the adjacent Kings Assembly Church had staged a present giving drive. Ayodele is a regional spokesperson for Nigeria’s Civil Defense Corps

The drive had not yet begun when the rush occurred, according to Grace. Woyengikuro Iringe-Koko, a state police spokesperson.

According to Woyengikuro Iringe-Koko, the mob forced their way into the stadium despite the locked gate, culminating in the devastating charge.

2 Greek crude oil tankers seized by Iran in the Mediterranean sea

Officials say Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard captured two Greek oil tankers in the Persian Gulf on May 27.

The outbreak looked to be a reprisal for Greece’s help in the US seizure of crude oil from an Iranian-flagged vessel in the Mediterranean Sea. That is because the US has implemented crippling sanctions on Iran.

The raid is the first major incident at sea in months, as tensions between Iran and the West remain high over the country’s shattered nuclear deal with Western powers.

As Tehran enriches more uranium, closer to weapons-grade levels than ever before, fears grow that negotiators may not return to the agreement, heightening the prospect of a larger war.

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