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Free Trade Agreement - World News #12 | NF World Latest News

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India-UK PM Meet: Free trade agreement by October; Faster delivery of military equipment

In the meeting of the PMs of the UK and India, they agreed to strengthen defence and commercial collaboration during Boris Johnson’s visit to New Delhi.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson claimed a bilateral free-trade agreement may be completed by October.

On his first visit to India as Prime Minister, Johnson met Narendra Modi to explore ways to strengthen security relations with India, which purchases more than half of its military gear from Russia.

However, India’s foreign secretary stated that Johnson did not put pressure on Modi about New Delhi’s stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Johnson stated that Britain would back India’s ambition of producing its own fighter planes in order to lower the cost of military equipment imports.

India presently boasts a mix of fighter planes from Russia, the United Kingdom, and France.

France Presidential Elections 2022: Emmanuel Macron becomes the President of France for the second consecutive time

Emmanuel Macron has won France’s presidential election, defeating opponent candidate Marine Le Pen in a runoff vote on April 24.

Macron received 58.5 per cent of the vote on April 24. And thus making him the first French president to be re-elected in 20 years.

Macron and Le Pen qualified for the runoff after coming first and second, respectively, out of 12 candidates in the first round on April 10.

According to the French Ministry of Interior’s website, Macron got 58.5 per cent of the vote with 18.8 million ballots, while Le Pen earned 41.5 per cent with 13.3 million votes.

In the 2017 election, the two candidates received 66.1 per cent with 20.7 million votes and 33.9 per cent with 10.6 million votes, respectively.

Furthermore, 6.35 per cent of voters in the election cast blank ballots, voting for neither candidate.

Israel attacks Gaza strip in response to Gaza’s missile attack

Israeli fighter planes have launched airstrikes on the Gaza Strip.

The attacks were in response to a missile fired from Gaza at night on April 20.

It landed in the Israeli town of Sderot, smashing a car and causing damage to a portion of a house. While an elderly man was hospitalised for shock.

Following heavy shooting from the Gaza Strip, Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system intercepted a barrage of rockets. And sirens were raised in border communities for the second time.

According to the Israeli Defense Forces, they hit a subterranean complex in Gaza used to manufacture rocket engines.

This will greatly restrict rocket production capabilities in Gaza”. There have been no reports of injuries.

Oil Refinery Explosion in Nigeria: 80 people killed in the incident

At least 80 people died in an explosion at an illicit oil refinery in southern Nigeria on April 24.

Police said the incident happened late Friday at an unauthorised facility between the southern oil states of Rivers and Imo.

According to Ifeanyi Nnaji of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), charred vehicles and jerry cans used in collecting stolen crude and petroleum products caused the incident at the site.

According to local media sources, the bomb killed more than 100 individuals.

Illegal crude refining is frequent in the southern oil sector, where thieves vandalise pipelines to steal petroleum. Then, they refine and sell it on the black market.

Indonesia plans to ban the exports of palm oil for in-country reserves due to high food inflation

On April 22, Indonesia revealed intentions to ban the exports of the most extensively used vegetable oil. Indonesia is the world’s largest palm oil producer.

This surprise decision might exacerbate already-rising global food inflation.

The banning of shipments of cooking oil and its raw material, extensively used in items ranging from cakes to cosmetics, could hike costs for packaged food makers worldwide.

Further, it restricts governments to choose between utilising vegetable oils in food and biofuel.

More than half of the world’s palm oil supply comes from Indonesia.

After global food inflation reached a record high, Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo declared that he intended to secure the availability of food supplies for the country.

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