Why is Christmas celebrated on December 25 every year?

Merry Christmas

After the upheaval caused by the ongoing epidemic, we are all looking forward to Christmas, one of the most joyous times of the year. On December 25, people all around the world gather to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, whose teachings formed the cornerstone of Christianity. People get into the holiday mood by getting together with relatives, visiting friends, and throwing unforgettable parties. The festival’s preparations begin on the evening of December 24, known as Christmas Eve.

People celebrate Christmas by filling their homes with bright lights and other festive decorations. A Christmas tree is also carried inside and adorned with ornaments, ribbons, dazzling lights, and other decorations. It is a momentous festive for the Christian community worldwide. Moreover, Non-Christians also celebrate it with zeal.

History of Christmas

Christmas is a relatively new phrase. It translates as “Christ’s Day Mass.” However, the celebration, known by many names in different nations throughout the world. Yuletide is the German word for Christmas, Navidad is the Spanish word, Natale is the Italian word, and Nol is the French word.

Many years ago, amid the darkest days of winter, early Europeans celebrated both light and birth. They celebrated the winter solstice, looking forward to longer days and more brightness.

Mary and Joseph are said to have given birth to Jesus Christ in a cradle in Bethlehem. However, because the Gregorian calendar was not in use at the time, there is no evidence that he was born on December 25. The Bible also does not provide the precise date of his birth. Christmas was decreed by Emperor Constantine, the first Christian Roman emperor, on December 25. After a few years, Pope Julius I declared that this day would commemorate the birth of Christ.

The celebration of Christ’s birth was severely condemned in the early years of Christianity since he was regarded as a martyr for all humanity. It was premised on the idea that saints and martyrs should be honoured on the anniversary of their martyrdom. Furthermore, Easter was the most important festival at that time, not Christmas. Church leaders ultimately agreed to make the birth of Jesus a holiday in the fourth century.

Jesus Birth

Importance of Christmas

Christmas is indeed very important to the Christian community. They believe that God sent his Son to earth to die as a sacrifice of his life to save humanity. So, he came to earth to protect people and cleanse them of their sins. That is why the crucifixion of Jesus Christ represents a great sacrifice.

In recent times, Christmas has become synonymous with the mythological persona of Santa Claus, the traditional benefactor of Christmas in the United States and other nations, who brings presents to children. Santa Claus said to dwell at the North Pole with his numerous helping elves. On Christmas Eve each year, Santa Claus voyages his sleigh from the North Pole to deliver gifts to children all over the world. And children get up early in the morning to receive their gifts.

Do you want to know an interesting fact about Father Christmas? Santa Claus really existed. In 1897, the New York Sun published an article about it. There are historical documents concerning Saint Nicholas dating back to the third century.

On Christmas Eve, people attend midnight mass in churches to commemorate the celebration. On this day, people also prepare an extravagant dinner. Waits singing carols in the church. The event commemorates the end of the year and represents everything pleasant, grateful, and joyful.

Merry Christmas

May the spirit of Chirstmas brings you joy and happiness

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