Whatsapp’s new Privacy Policy has offended the users’ privacy


WhatsApp has implemented new Terms & Conditions, which has offended the users’ privacy, and may lead to some serious problems if you are not going to take any actions about your privacy. If you want to know about the new privacy policy, read this post completely.

What are the questions answered in this post?

  1. Should you accept the privacy policy?
  2. If accepted, is it able to disagree with the policy?
  3. If you didn’t accept the privacy policy, will your account be deleted after May 15?

Why does WhatsApp have to bring new Terms & Conditions?

Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp, has taken over Instagram and used the application to provide targeted ads to track your data as usual on Facebook. Eventually, they took the acquisition of WhatsApp. They tried to make an advertising economy using the application from January 2021 by releasing a new Privacy Policy. The users can share their data with the parent company, Facebook, or stop using the app.

Why does WhatsApp want to make an income through advertisement?

WhatsApp Messenger is a free application with a huge amount of user count of 2 billion. After Facebook, Inc took over the company, they wanted to make revenue from WhatsApp like their other subsidiary applications. But, users don’t have any problem with having advertisements in their daily using application; the real problem is what they are expecting from us to continue using the app.

Why should you not accept WhatsApp’s new Privacy Policy?

Unlike their other subsidiary applications, WhatsApp Messenger isn’t a social media app; it’s a private messenger. So, if they want to advertise in the app, they require your personal chatting data with your friends, families, or close ones for more precise targeted advertisements in your app. Here, your privacy gets affected by accepting the policy.

Will your account be deleted if you haven’t accepted the policy?

Recently, according to WhatsApp’s spokesperson, no WhatsApp will be deleted after May 15, 2021. But, there may be some changes in the policy. So, if they are not going to stop you from using the app, or they will not delete your account, and you are not willing to accept the privacy policy, then what may be their strategy to advertise in their app?

Can you use WhatsApp without accepting the privacy policy?

The answer is YES, for now. But, Facebook, Inc has a strategy to make you accept the privacy policy. You may ask, how could they do it? A few months back, Facebook, Inc announced that WhatsApp has implemented a new privacy policy, where your personal data is being shared with the parent company by accepting it. Many users jumped to other messenger applications like Signal messenger, Telegram messenger, etc., and nearly the whole returned back to WhatsApp due to the lack of features and compatibility to 1st gen smartphone users.

What are the strategies Facebook has to accept your privacy policy?

They came to a strategy that they wanted the users and the user’s data, and the users love these features and refuse to use any other messaging app. Hence, they aborted the idea of deleting the account and making the users tempted to accept the privacy policy by using the app. Firstly, they enlarged the privacy policy agreement on opening the app, which some users can fall on without any knowledge. If users use the app without accepting the policy by closing the agreement, they have other strategies to make them accept it. Luckily, they have given the option to close the agreement and use the app. The majority of the users are using WhatsApp Messenger because of so many features. So, they decided to lock the major features like status, video call, voice call, read receipts, etc. Thus, they were forced to accept it or finally ground the app to be only a messaging app with very few features to other free messaging apps. Indirectly, grounding the app also leads the users to accept the policy. If the parent company decided to stop sharing the data with other messaging apps, it would be difficult to change the messaging app. If you wanted your privacy to be encrypted, then what should you do?

What’s the solution to use without accepting the privacy policy?

As for now, it’s like a two-way road: one is to accept the Terms & Conditions; the other one is to jump over to other messaging apps. Some may prefer to use it as a monthly subscription rather than accepting the policies. But, till now, there are no signs of that idea from the parent company. If you wanted your data to be highly secured, then what’s the best solution suited for you? Then, you have to jump over to other messaging apps like Signal, Telegram, etc., asap as anytime WhatsApp can take down the main features, or you may have to lose your data and contacts.

What to do if you have already accepted the privacy policy?

If you have accepted the privacy policy without your knowledge, then don’t worry. They will monitor your data until you use the app. If you delete the account, there is no way to monitor your data or steal your privacy.


WhatsApp Messenger was a useful app to send messages, share photos, files, videos, voice calls, video calls, and keep statuses and has a wonderful interface to use it. But, the new Terms & Conditions have threatened your privacy and forced you to accept it, and advertising in it makes the app more unusable to the users who seek their privacy. So, the best option to evade this is to jump over to other messaging apps and transfer your data from WhatsApp to your new messaging app and leave a message to all of your contacts to contact you through your other account.

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