The Quirky World of Bethesda’s Starfield

Bethesda's Starfield

Bethesda games have an unmistakable identity, intricately woven with the memes they generate and the extensive mods that flourish around them. Starfield, their latest creation, is no exception. Despite reportedly dedicating years to testing the game’s expansive solar system during its eight-year development, Bethesda’s games cannot escape their notorious bugs. A video featuring Todd Howard’s pronouncements interspersed with Starfield glitches serves as a testament to this.

Embracing the Chaos

Some gamers have criticized Starfield’s systems for feeling somewhat clunky, especially when compared to the past two years of exceptionally well-crafted open-world RPGs. However, despite its imperfections, Starfield manages to maintain a certain charm. It’s the quirks and oddities that emerge from the bugs that add character to Bethesda’s creations. It’s this chaotic aura that draws players back to these virtual realms, even decades after their initial launch.

Weirdness Amid Generic Settings

Bethesda’s game settings have ventured into high fantasy, post-apocalyptic landscapes, and run-of-the-mill sci-fi locales. However, as soon as players set foot in New Atlantis, a city resembling an Apple Store clone, the eccentricity becomes apparent. Citizens ricochet off each other like pool balls, but one individual stands out—an oddly moonwalking figure with a shopping bag. Other examples of such bizarre occurrences abound in the game.

Breaking the Rules of Reality

In the world of Starfield, NPCs seem to have a knack for defying gravity. Videos capture baristas nonchalantly levitating through the ceiling while discussing sales at a coffee shop. However, the weirdness isn’t limited to bugs alone; it’s also woven into Bethesda’s systems that are functioning as intended.

Quirky Dialogues and Camera Peculiarities

Bethesda’s dialogues in Starfield carry a distinct flavour—a campy genericism reminiscent of a cheesy sitcom. Characters exclaim lines like, “Well, I’ll be, honey! We got ourselves a visitor! I’ll put the coffee on,” while their expressions remain eerily stoic. Additionally, the company’s insistence on zooming in on speaking characters’ faces as they deliver lines, similar to a webinar presenter, adds to the quirkiness. Their mouths move independently of their eyes, and their heads mechanically swivel to maintain eye contact, even if you approach them from behind.

The Surreal Charade of Starfield

Starfield’s online presence reflects a universe where characters appear to have cheerfully lost their sanity. However, this oddity contributes to the game’s surrealist humour, reminding players that Bethesda’s creations are akin to a vast Truman Show—a mechanical masquerade populated by peculiar automatons.

In essence, the quirks, bugs, and eccentricities are an integral part of the Bethesda experience, making their games memorable and endearing to players despite their imperfections.

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