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One plus pad - Tech News #9 | NF World Latest News

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OnePlus Pad: The tablet comes with a new OS Android 12L

OnePlus tablet rumours have been circulating for some time, but we now have some additional details regarding the device’s OS. It appears like OnePlus will provide the device with Android 12L out of the box.

The information comes from 91Mobiles tipster Yogesh Brar. He claims that the OnePlus tablet, named as OnePlus Pad and released with Android L.

The source further claims that OnePlus would first offer the tablet in China before expanding to other countries, including India.

The Android 12L OS, a version of Android designed primarily for bigger smartphones. The Android 12L user interface is also more optimised for multitasking.

Android 12L, which is currently in development, will likely be released as a stable OS for tablets later in Q1 2022.

Tech News #9

NASA: New Space Telescope takes a selfie

NASA’s new space telescope has recorded its first starlight and took a picture with its massive gold mirror.

Officials reported Friday that 45 days into the mission, all 18 parts of the primary mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope appear to be functioning correctly.

The first target for the telescope was a brilliant star 258 light-years away in the constellation Ursa Major.
According to Marshall Perrin of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, “it was simply a tremendous wow moment.”

The $10 billion IR observatory, seen as the successor to the ageing Hubble Space Telescope. It will seek light from the universe’s first stars and galaxies, which formed almost 14 billion years ago. It will also look for evidence of life in the atmospheres of other worlds.

OpenSea has launched verified customer service to prevent NFT theft: The Verge

OpenSea and NFT communications platform Metalink launched new cooperation to combat social engineering assaults via Discord DMs.

As the reports from The Verge, some confidence tricksters have gained millions of dollars by impersonating customer care employees in OpenSea’s official Discord channel and duping NFT users into revealing information that will allow the scammers to seize control of their cryptocurrency wallets.

OpenSea intends to avoid these frauds by utilising Metalink, which maintains a “token-gated” communications infrastructure to which only users with certain NFTs in their Bitcoin wallets would have access.

They will be linked with authorised OpenSea support agents when they do, theoretically cutting out possible fraudsters.

Metamall: A shopping mall in the metaverse created by Gianchandani

Metamall, a Metaverse real estate vendor, has announced that a virtual mall will be available soon.
“It’s something between a physical mall and regular e-commerce,” Serge Gianchandani, Metamall’s co-founder, explained about the virtual mall.

According to Gianchandani, the long-term benefits of opening a shop at Metamall are significant, if not immediate, and businesses are aware of this.

They are free to experiment with store designs and provide a more distinctive and immersive experience. That is because the rules of physics do not constrain them. Brands are free to choose their design templates, hire a team of engineers, and also transform shopping into a 3D experience.

Realme: The brand launches a new smartphone series with a flagship camera

Realme has officially announced two new phones in its Number series: the Realme 9 Pro and its more powerful sister, the Realme 9 Pro+. Both phones have powerful midrange chipsets, enormous batteries, and fast charging. At the same time, the Plus adds a 50MP primary camera with a large sensor.

The Realme 9 Pro will be pre-installed with Android 12 and the first to use Realme UI 3.0. The phones will have a colour-changing back panel, similar to the Vivo V23 series. At the same time, the 9 Pro+ will have a 50MP Sony IMX766 camera and a Dimensity 920 CPU.

The normal Realme 9 Pro is expected to have a larger display and a higher-resolution camera but a smaller sensor size. Once the event is over, stay tuned to our webpage for all the facts.

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