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Cyber attacks

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Nearly 80 per cent of Indian Gamers lost money to cyberattacks

The online gaming business is growing with new entrants. This growth has not gone ignored by the malicious attackers present online. Recent research warns that these criminals target gamers online, even duping them out of their earned money.

According to a recent Norton LifeLock analysis, Indian adults who play online games are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. At least 75 per cent of Indian gamers have experienced a cyber attack on their gaming accounts. And at least 80 per cent of players cyberattacked by hackers lose nearly ₹7,900 on average.

Therefore, the research report underlines the expanding gaming community’s ignorance of cyber security. 

Tech news #6

Hyundai Seven Concept: All-electric Ioniq 7 SUV – A moving living room

The Hyundai Seven concept is a unique and futuristic glimpse of the automaker’s third customised electric vehicle. The concept car, unveiled at the 2021 AutoMobility LA, previews the future Ioniq 7 SUV.

The launch of this concept car maybe by 2024. Its sleek design and spacious interior reflect a whole new perspective on Hyundai SUVs. And the carmaker calls it a “category-bending” model.

Moreover, the Parametric Pixels and their dynamic lighting show are eye-catchy. To represent Hyundai’s approach to sustainability, they have used the ‘bio paint’ on the exterior finish. Hyundai has also planned to launch the Ioniq 5 EV for the Indian market as a mass-market EV produced in India.

DART Mission: NASA launches a spacecraft to deflect Asteroid Dimorphos

NASA successfully launched the world’s first planetary defence system, the DART satellite, from the Vandenberg US Space Force Base on November 24. In fact, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launched the spacecraft.

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland built the DART spacecraft at NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office. 

The spacecraft will strike the asteroid at 6.6 kilometres per second, or 24,000kmph. In addition, NASA expects the collision to occur between September 26 and October 1, 2022. Moreover, the spacecraft’s target is Dimorphos, a small asteroid satellite about 160 metres in diameter.

So, the prime aim of the mission is to test the asteroid deflecting technology.

Apple Car: The company is working on the development to launch it by 2025

The speculations of the reputed Apple Car has come true. The recent reports say that the tech behemoth is working on its development.

According to many sources, the company is working on making the Apple Car fully autonomous. The company is aiming to better Tesla, which is presently the class leader in self-driving technology.

Kevin Lynch, who managed the development of the Apple Watch, is in charge of the Apple Car project. The electric vehicle project, named “Project Titan”. Indeed, Apple focuses on this project to launch it by 2025.

A holographic camera developed by scientists that can see through object

Researchers have created a powerful holographic camera that can see through objects, according to a recent study.

Northwestern University researchers in Illinois, United States, developed this camera. And they implied a technique known as synthetic wavelength holography.

It works by recreating the course of a light beam as it travels across numerous objects, bouncing off surfaces until the beam returns to the source and detects by a detector.

The researchers’ prototype employs infrared light. However, it may theoretically be changed and expanded to different frequencies for use in various applications.

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