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Norton Motorcycles

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TVS acquired Norton Motorcycle company; revealing re-modelled superbike

An Indian Motor Company, TVS bought an iconic British Motorcycle manufacturer, Norton Motorcycles, in April 2020.

TVS owned Norton Motorcycles had opened its new global headquarters in Solihull, West Midlands, UK. Indeed, the company plans to produce 8,000 bikes a year with 100 new high-skilled labours.

Now, TVS has announced a new superbike from the new company, the Norton V4SV. The V4SV runs with a 1200cc V4 engine, and the horsepower is around 200bhp to 185 bhp.

Furthermore, the elegant design of the superbike gives a premium look to it. However, there is no official announcement from TVS Motors to release the Norton V4SV in the Indian market.

Tech News #5

Instagram require video selfies for creating an account to verify new users.

Meta-owned Instagram is now not an easy task to create a new account. The social media app has faced many problems regarding spam messages, bot likes or follows.

So, Instagram decided to develop a new feature that requires video selfies for creating an account to verify new users. As per XDA Developers, the company began testing the feature last year but had some technical issues.

Several users have complained to Instagram about asking to verify them through video selfies. Instagram states that this new feature helps them to identify bot accounts in the app.

Meta promises not to keep or post the data anywhere. However, it doesn’t assure for users who are already suspicious.

Tesla India orders in bulk from a Noida-based startup for portable inverters

A subsidiary of an American automobile company, Tesla India has made a large purchase for portable inverters, also used as an electric vehicle (EV) charging station with a Noida-based startup. Perhaps, it makes the first of such transactions in the nation before the launch of Tesla cars in India.

Oxy Neuron India Pvt Ltd, a Noida-based startup, said that it had received its first order for a ‘Magic Box Smart Inverter’ from Tesla India. This Noida- based startup company is at IIT-Kanpur, India. Indeed, the smart inverter price starts at ₹25,000, which comes in three models.

The Founder of Oxy Neuron, ER Ashutosh Verma, says that the inverter solves the electricity problem in villages. In addition, he said that the government’s support encourages them to develop more products.

Volta electric trucks started production in the UK

Volta Trucks, the Swedish electric vehicle manufacturer, has started production in Coventry, UK. The company expects to complete its 25 units first batch of prototypes in January 2022. Volta Trucks has branded the name for the truck as Volta Zero. 

Volta Zero is the world’s first fully-electric 16-ton truck. This truck will give an electric range of 150-200km. Moreover, the company has designed the truck to reduce the usage of non-renewable fuels in the city.

The production unit in Austria will manufacture the Production Verification prototypes in mid-2022. In fact, Volta trucks expect that Volta Zero will eliminate 12 lakh tons of CO2 by 2025.

Whatsapp for Desktop: Developing a dedicated app for Windows and macOS

Meta-owned Whatsapp is in works in developing the application in various platforms to enhance the chat app experience. WABetaInfo has shared the new report of the development for desktop apps.

The new app will have multi-device compatibility. This feature allows the users to utilise their WhatsApp account on up to four linked devices even though their primary smartphone is offline.

Furthermore, the new dedicated app for desktops allows the users to voice or video call from their computers. This new Mac app for Whatsapp will presumably replace the old macOS WhatsApp app and will no longer rely on a linked smartphone.

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