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Microsoft Surface SE

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Microsoft competites Chromebook with its new surface SE

Microsoft is on the way to launching its new surface laptop model SE. The new surface laptop is designed especially for the students. The creators think that this laptop helps the students to achieve the skills they need.

This future laptop does have designed with windows 11 and an education version of Microsoft 365. The laptop uses high-security built-in and easy deployment.

Moreover, the modern management system of the laptop helps in increasing the value to students and IT admins.

They improved the web-based Microsoft edge apps for flexible usage and learning. Surface laptop SE uses an Intel Celeron processor in a vibrant 11.6″ display. The laptop is sleek and slim with high battery life.

Tech News #4

Google’s Nest Hub: A new feature added to analyse your sleep

Google’s second-generation Nest Hub already can track your sleep pattern owing to its Soli-powered Sleep Sensing function.

Google is now rolling out a new feature that gives a comprehensive analysis of the quality of your sleeping.

The Nest Hub will soon display a Sleep Staging chart that illustrates your various phases of sleep, including how long you were awake or in REM, light, or deep sleep.

Google is also improving the Nest Hub’s sound recognition. Instead of recording all of the sounds in your room while you sleep, it should just record coughs and snores detected in your calibrated sleeping region.

IIT-Guwahati: India’s first research centre for drone technology

Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation General VK Singh inaugurated India‘s first Research Centre for Drone/UAV Technology at the IIT-Guwahati.

The Minister also opened the AXOM Droneports, which will hold cargo drones delivering emergency supplies to remote areas.

The Droneport helps to improve the development and deployment of drone technology in the northeastern region.

The Minister stated that the government had released new Drone Rules and Production Linked Incentive Scheme (PLI) follows it for manufacturers after realising the remarkable potential of Drones to transform every sector of the economy.

Samsung LPDDR5X: Things to know about this processor

Samsung has announced the development of the industry’s first LPDDR5X DRAM, saying it can handle AI-powered applications “beyond smartphones.”

The new module is a 14nm-based 16Gb chip, which can stack up to 64GB for large-scale data processing.

This module, combined with the Exynos 2200 SoC with a powerful AMD Radeon graphics engine, might appear in the Galaxy S22 premium devices early next year.

It also claims that the DRAM would have a data processing speed of up to 8.5Gbps, more than 1.3 times faster than the 6.4Gbps LPDDR5.

Furthermore, the DRAM is more power-efficient, using around 20% less power than LPDDR5 memory.

Leonid Meteor Shower: All you need to know

The Leonid meteor shower has been active since November 6, with a peak expected around November 17.

The comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle, located in the constellation Leo, causes a meteor shower known as Leonid.

The Leonids, a prominent meteor shower, are best observed from a dark place. But the light of a waxing gibbous Moon may interfere.

During the peak Leonid shower, 10-15 meteors would appear in an hour under entire dark conditions in rural places with mostly clear skies.

Furthermore, Leonids are some of the fastest meteors, with some reaching speeds up to 71 kilometres per hour.

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