Stray Cattle Menace in Tambaram Corporation

Stray Cattle Menace

In response to a tragic accident involving a cow, the local corporation has taken action to curb the menace of stray cattle and dogs. However, activists are pushing for more immediate solutions, demanding stricter penalties for erring animal owners.

Issuing Penalties and Providing Temporary Shelters:

The local corporation has imposed fines ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 on the owners of stray animals found roaming the streets. To accommodate these animals, temporary sheds have been set up. The corporation plans to escalate the penalty amount in the future, aiming to deter owners from letting their animals wander freely.

Tragic Accident Sparks Urgent Measures:

The recent death of a 48-year-old pillion rider due to a collision with a cow has prompted authorities to address the issue promptly. The incident occurred when the rider swerved to avoid hitting an oncoming tanker, only to crash into a cow on the road. This unfortunate event has highlighted the need for immediate action.

Expansion of ABC Centers:

In an effort to control the population of stray animals, the corporation has increased the number of Animal Birth Control (ABC) centres from three to five for each zone. These centres play a crucial role in managing the stray animal population and reducing their presence on the streets.

Challenges in Complete Removal:

The corporation acknowledges the inconvenience caused by stray dogs and cattle and is committed to finding a solution. However, they emphasize that it is not feasible to eliminate the problem overnight. The issue requires sustained effort and cooperation from the public.

Activists Demand Swift Action:

Activists from the People’s Awareness Association have expressed their concerns over the lack of action against stray cattle despite repeated complaints. They held a ‘cow moaning’ protest, urging the corporation to take stringent measures to prevent accidents and protect both the animals and the public.

Inconvenience Faced by Residents:

The residents of Tambaram, Chromepet, Pallavaram, Anakaputhur, Selaiyur, and nearby areas have been consistently voicing their grievances about stray cattle occupying the roads, especially during nighttime, causing commuting difficulties and posing safety hazards.

Civic Body’s Challenges:

The corporation cites the lack of adequate space and human resources as obstacles in handling the issue effectively. However, residents argue that addressing such concerns should be a primary responsibility of the civic body.


While the local corporation has taken significant steps, such as issuing penalties and increasing ABC centres, to tackle the issue of stray animals, activists and residents are urging for swifter and stricter action. A well-balanced approach, coupled with proactive measures, will be essential to ensure the safety of both the public and the animals.

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