Qualcomm Unveils S3 Gen 2 Sound Platform for Gaming

Qualcomm Unveils S3 Gen 2 Sound Platform

Qualcomm has introduced a new addition to its S3 Gen 2 Sound platform portfolio, designed specifically for gaming and intended for use in dongles and adapters. The platform combines the power of Snapdragon Sound, a suite of technologies facilitating seamless audio streaming from smartphones to wireless earbuds, with LE audio, a Bluetooth standard supporting low-energy and high-quality sound. This combination enables ultra-low latency wireless audio of less than 20ms, ensuring minimal voice lag during online gaming sessions.

Enhanced Gaming Capabilities with Snapdragon Sound

The S3 Gen 2 solution utilizes Snapdragon Sound and LE audio to deliver an exceptional gaming experience. Gamers can expect ultra-low latency wireless audio, enabling seamless communication and precise audio synchronization, even in fast-paced online multiplayer games.

High-Quality Audio Streaming and Crystal Clear Voice Calls

The S3 Gen 2 platform incorporates Qualcomm aptX Adaptive audio technology, allowing high-resolution Bluetooth streaming of music at 24-bit 96kHz. This ensures lossless audio quality for an immersive music experience. Additionally, the platform supports 32kHz super wideband for crystal clear voice calls, complemented by advanced noise cancellation technology.

Auracast Technology for Audio Broadcasting

Featuring the latest Auracast technology, the platform enables devices like TVs, phones, PCs, and consoles to broadcast audio to an unlimited number of nearby listeners using dongles and adapters. This broadcasting standard, based on Bluetooth LE Audio, serves various purposes such as providing assistive listening at public venues, delivering announcements, or sharing music with friends in close proximity.

Adaptive Transparency Mode for Smooth Sound Transitions

The S3 Gen 2 platform offers an Adaptive Transparency mode, allowing seamless transitions between noise-cancelling and ambient sound. This feature enhances situational awareness, providing users with the flexibility to stay connected to their surroundings while enjoying immersive audio experiences.

Future-Compatible Accessories on the Horizon

While Qualcomm is yet to announce specific devices, the unveiling of the S3 Gen 2 Sound platform suggests that compatible accessories incorporating these cutting-edge features will be available in the near future. Gaming enthusiasts and audio aficionados can anticipate a new wave of wireless audio solutions tailored to their needs.

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