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MBTI - 16 personality's best career choice

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) identifies an individual’s personality type by making them answer specific questions. Many corporate companies use personality test results to assess the abilities for their appropriate vacant job. Moreover, the MBTI indicator helps individuals understand and analyse their strengths and weaknesses and guide them on the path to improving their abilities. Do you want to know which profession best suits your personality type? Do you know what your personality type is? If not, hurry up to take up the test.

To know your personality type,

Answering the questions honestly helps you to find the perfect personality type.

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Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging personality type signifies an “Architect” who is a smart strategist, and likes to bring creativity and logic to accomplish what they need.


An accountant is a person who maintains and audits the bank accounts of companies or individuals and files the record for taxation. Accountancy requires highly logical thinking. Thus, INTJs have a passion for financial analysis and problem-solving, and this job suits them.


An architect is a person who has specialized in designing and planning buildings, bridges, etc. Indeed, Architecture requires creativity for planning and logical thinking in structural designs.

JOBS TO AVOID – Salesperson, Police Officer


Introverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving personality type signifies to “Logician,” who has an adaptive mind and appreciates taking a unique approach to many facets of life. Moreover, they frequently seek out unusual pathways, combining openness to new experiences with unique ingenuity.


An engineer comprises main branches like civil, electrical, mechanical, chemical, sound, biomedical, etc. Engineer constructs or creates new objects or gadgets which are vital for the development of a country.


Computer programmer requires more mathematical logic and INTPs thinks of high possibilities and probabilities.

JOBS TO AVOID – Nursing, Data Entry


Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Judging personality type signifies “Commander,” who are determined individuals to be speed, energetic and to be successful. They gather facts to build their creative visions, but they rarely pause long before acting on them.


A Politician is a person who engages himself in social service and has high skills in public speaking. Further, ENTJs are inborn leaders and have commanding personalities.


A project manager requires the ability to handle a group of people and the skills to organize the work for everyone in the group.

JOBS TO AVOID – Lorry Driver, Factory Worker


Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving personality type indicates “Debater,” who are daring and innovative, dissecting and reconstructing ideas with tremendous mental agility. They are tenacious in the pursuit of their objectives, regardless of the opposition they may face.


A stock trader is a person who trades the shares of ownership of a company or an investment. ENTPs are long-term visioners and know to value an asset or company.


As their name depicts, they are good debaters, and talented public speakers are known to solve legal problems.

JOBS TO AVOID – Receptionist, Teaching

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Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging personality type denotes “Advocates” who have profound thinking and creativity when it comes to life. Furthermore, their inner vision, personal convictions, and modest, principled humanism lead them in all they do.


A counsellor is a person who listens to psychological persons and advises how to overcome them. Moreover, INFJs are good listeners and values relationship.


A writer is a person who articles, novels, plays, etc. INFJs are more emotional, and their writings impact the readers to dive into the story.

JOBS TO AVOID – Finance, Customer Care


Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving personality type denotes “Mediators” who are usually calm, transparent, and innovative. In fact, they handle everything with care and creativity.


An artist is a person who portrays scenery on paper. INFPs are super lazy and imagine their world.


A professor who shares knowledge and opinions. INFPs were eager to support others to lift their career.

JOBS TO AVOID – Military, Law


Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Judging personality type indicates as “Protagonist” who are pleasant, frank people, likes to assist others and has strong opinions and principles. In addition, they back up their point of view with the productive energy needed to attain their objectives. Furthermore, these personality types are known to be the most influential people in the world.


A teacher is a person who teaches children and students. ENFJs are more charismatic and effortlessly gather children’s attention.


A journalist is a person who gathers news, interviews people, etc. ENFJs are self-sacrificers and would not hesitate to help others other than their needs.

JOBS TO AVOID – Scientific Research, IT


Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving personality type indicates “Campaigners” who are more likely to accept large ideas. And take action that reflects their feeling of optimism and kindness toward others.


A sales executive is a person who is an expert in sales. ENFPs are more enthusiastic and easily have the ability to make a product into sales.


A brand manager is a person who markets a specific brand. As same as sales executives, ENFPs are perceivers and easily canvas the consumer mind.

JOBS TO AVOID – Engineer, Financial Advisor

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Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging personality type denotes “Logistician” who are restrained yet determined, having a logical view on life. Also, they meticulously plan their acts and carry them out with deliberate precision.


An accountant is a person who maintains and audits the bank accounts of companies or individuals and files the record for taxation. Hence, accountant jobs are better suited for ISTJs personality individuals.


A military officer is an officer who serves for the internal and external protection of a country. ISTJs are more orderly organized, and over-judgemental and military officer job generally suits them.

JOBS TO AVOID – Event Manager, Preschool Teacher


Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging personality type signifies “Defender,” who are friendly and humble in their own definite way. Additionally, they are responsible and efficient, paying close attention to practical aspects of their everyday life.


The ISFJ personality is sensitive to the needs of others and appreciates acting as a caretaker. Hence, They strive for roles that contribute to a larger goal for the welfare of society.


ISFJs may create environments that meet the needs of others by utilising their emotional intelligence and creativity. They can also work with their clients, avoiding confrontation and workplace politics.

JOBS TO AVOID – Journalism, Sales


Extroverted Sensing Thinking Judging personality type signifies “Executive,” who have enormous endurance and stick steadfastly to their own sound judgement. Also, they are frequently a stabilising influence among others, capable of providing steady guidance in the face of hardship.


Acting as the face of an association is the ideal career for the dedicated and hardworking ESTJ. Public relations managers are responsible for promoting a favourable public image through news releases, communication tactics, and presentations.


Telemarketers make cold calls to prospective consumers to sell them a product or service. Consequently, The ESTJ’s perseverance, commitment, and outgoing disposition indicate they will have the abilities required to convince, negotiate, and complete a transaction.

JOBS TO AVOID – Actor, School Teacher


Extroverted Sensing Feeling Judging personality type exposes “Care Giving” who is observant and sociable. And they like participating in their social community. Their accomplishments are led by definite principles. Furthermore, they are eager to help others. In fact, there are 12 in 100 people with this type around the world and noted to be having a high occurrence rate.


A trainer is responsible for developing simple learning materials that instruct and inspire others, as well as producing thorough reports for management.


Because of the ESFJ’s attention and caring disposition, this is a good professional choice. To communicate with children, parents, and coworkers, ESFJ will need to employ their communication abilities.

JOBS TO AVOID – Marketing, Software Developer

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Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging personality type indicates “Crafter” who have an independent mentality and achieve objectives without much others’ support. Further, they approach life with curiosity and personal competence, altering their approach as required.


The majority of construction work necessitates a practical, hands-on approach. This employment would suit an ISTP personality since the issues have logical solutions and a detail-oriented work environment.


An electrical technician must comprehend a complex problem and troubleshoot it to discover solutions. This profession is ideal for ISTPs since it requires autonomous hands-on work that is both technical and goal-oriented.

JOBS TO AVOID – Nursery Worker, Data Entry


Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging personality type known to be an “Adventurer,” who are unbiased and embrace life, adventurous, and people with grounded kindness. Also, their capacity to stay in the now allows them to discover fascinating possibilities.


A profession as a chef provides an infinite potential for creativity for the ISFP type. And as an energetic setting and the ability to operate as part of a team or alone.


The ISFP, who is personable and helpful, would have no difficulties providing excellent customer service and assistance. In addition, they can resolve any problems that may occur.

JOBS TO AVOID – Accountant, Surgeon


Extroverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving personality type is an “Entrepreneur” who are usually dynamic and first-participant, managing whatever is in front of them effectively. They like exploring life’s possibilities, whether by mingling with others or through more solitary interests.


ESTPs are ideally suited to going alone due to their risk-taking temperament and eagerness to explore new ideas. They also have the enthusiasm and ability to learn new skills and adjust when things do not go as planned. 


ESTPs would like the excitement and diversity of detective work, as well as the ability to think on their feet as a case progressed. Their good communication skills and can read people would also be advantageous.

JOBS TO AVOID – Psychologist, Accountant


Extroverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving personality type known as an “Entertainer” who likes lively experiences, and passionately interacting in life. And, delighted to explore the unknown. Moreover, they may be quite gregarious, frequently inviting people to participate in common activities.


Working as an actor may require ESFPs to travel or learn new talents for a specific role. That will fulfil their need for adventure and appeal to their adventurous side.


Fashion design, for example, blends the ESFP’s love of style with its sense of quality. Those in this sector frequently travel for inspiration and to try out new trends.

JOBS TO AVOID – Writing, Administration

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  1. Do you really loathe/dislike INFPs that much? It seems you don’t know much about them and are misinformed. INFPS are definitely not lazy and do not take everything personally on a general level. Either you don’t know INFPs or you have a pretty bad experience of them. Careers that INFPs would excel are artist, writer, musician and design. This is pretty bull. It makes the whole article irrelevant and biased.

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