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Soul Machines Humanizing AI

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Soul Machines created a digital human called “Sam” to serve the digital world

An Auckland-based tech company, Soul Machines, made a digital human called Sam, a report from The Verge. The Co-Founder of Soul Machines, Greg Cross, mentions it as a “digital workforce”.

Currently, the company creates virtual humans for customer service and public outreach. Digital people could replace the work of customer care services in nearby future.

Many companies use this technology for their development in the sector. For instance, Nestlé has a digital human named Ruth, who works as a digital baking coach.

We can create a digital person in real-time using Human OS 2.0 platform. Thus, we could create a non-racist digital environment.

Tech News#2

28 million light-years away, scientists discovered a new planet beyond our galaxy: NASA

The newly discovered exoplanet, M51-ULS-1b, is located 28 million light-years far in a spiral galaxy Messier 51 (M51). This galaxy is also known as the Whirlpool galaxy.

The Saturn sized new planet may be the first to discover beyond the Milky Way galaxy.

According to the Chandra X-ray Observatory, based on transits, scientists discovered these new findings. That occurs when a planet passes in front of a star and blocks some starlight.

Thus, resulting in a distinctive drop in brightness that observatories can detect. This generic method helped to discover thousands of exoplanets.

World’s First Thinking Robot created by Japanese scientists

The University of Tokyo has researched the development of artificial neurons based on the live cells of the human brain.

The scientist designed artificial neurons to make the robotic machine capable of thinking on its own.

It can make sense of the brain signals and avoid blockages due to a method known as ‘physical reservoir computing. Indeed, it is the first time to teach intelligence to a robot.

Samsung Laptops built on Windows 11: A better alternative for Windows Surface?

Samsung has launched three new laptops in the new Galaxy Book series. The three variants are Galaxy Book, Galaxy Book Odyssey and Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G.

The price starts from $750 for the new Galaxy book variant. And, for the Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G model, the price starts from $1,400. The pricing for the laptops in the global market is yet to reveal by Samsung.

All three Galaxy book series laptops work on 11th gen Intel core processors with the support of 5G connectivity. In addition, these new laptops run on brand-new Windows 11. 

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G has support for S Pen. If the screens were detachable, the Samsung Galaxy Book would grab more attention.

Moto Watch 100: A new smartwatch with the collaboration with CE Brands

Motorola may release another smartwatch shortly. Motorola, planning to unveil a new wearable named the Moto Watch 100 in partnership with CE.

The Canadian company CE Brands Inc manufactures this watch rather than Motorola.

The aluminium casing will be there in this smartwatch. It has a variety of sensors, including a heart rate sensor and other vital sensors such as an oxygen level sensor.

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