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Business News – #Reject_Zomato | Privation of Air India | Rebranding of Facebook to metaverse | Max talent demand in FMCG and retail sectors | Tata Punch

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Twitter users’ trends #Reject_Zomato for a chat support issue, cause fall in business share price

A customer from Tamil Nadu raised an issue regarding the ordered item missed in the delivery package. And, the customer care replied that the amount could not be refunded, as he doesn’t know Hindi.

In particular, stating that Hindi is a national language and every Indian must learn the language.

The customer took over this issue to Twitter for poor customer care support. Zomato management apologized for this issue, but the CEO tweeted that the people have no tolerance and chill. That reflected in their business caused a drastic fall in their stock price. 

NFW - Business News #1

PM Modi says the increase in vaccination rate sure boosts tourism and international arrivals; Privation of Air India is the first big step.

In inaugurating ceremony of the Kushinagar International Airport, he stated that the privation of Air India is a ‘big step’. PM Modi said that the increase in the vaccination rate in India would be a change in the tourism industry.

As India crossed the 100-crore vaccination mark, the overall recovery from Covid has progressed gradually.

Consequently, this makes the people from abroad have an idea of kickstarting their business or tourism. “UDAN scheme of regional connectivity is going to complete in few years.

Through this scheme, they cleared over 900 roads and started more than 350 new roads”, the PM said.

Facebook plans to rename the company; planning to rebrand itself as a metaverse company: Report from The Verge

The business model of Facebook Inc made the regulators and lawmakers overheated, which forced the American company to rebrand.

CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, plans to rebrand the company as metaverse, becoming a trending phrase in the tech-business industry.

The term ‘metaverse’ refers to a shared virtual space where people can connect online. For instance, the epitome of ‘metaverse’ is the virtual world in the movie “Ready Player One”.

In fact, this announcement made the metaverse fans a trending topic, seeing it as next-gen to the gaming world.

Maximum talent demand posted in FMCG and retail sector business; increase in job growth in September 2021

Relaxation of lockdown in many states of India showed interest in talent demand among FMCG and retail sectors. In fact, a report says that 7% increase in job growth compared between August and September in the construction sector.

In M-o-M analysis, the FMCG and retail sectors posted maximum talent demand at 18% and 10% separately in September 2021. Indeed, the increase in vaccination rate and the control of Covid situations enhanced job recruitment.

Tata Motors launches its new SUV “Punch” at a highly competitive price

Tata Punch grabs everyone’s attention in the automobile market in India. CEO of Tata Motors expects an increase in the market position after the launch of ‘Punch’.

Moreover, the company announced its introductory price at Rs. 5.5 lakh (ex-showroom), and the high-end model at 8.5 lakh (ex-showroom).

The 5-star rating (adult occupant) from Global NCAP added even more advantage in its price segment. This is the 3rd car from Tata Motors to receive recognition as “India’s Safest Car.” 

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