Top 6 Must-Watch Popular Anime Series: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Shows


Anime is hand-drawn and computer animation originating from Japan. Animation produced outside of Japan with a similar style to Japanese animation is referred to as anime-influenced animation. The earliest commercial Japanese animations date to 1917. A characteristic art style emerged in the 1960s with the works of cartoonist Osamu Tezuka and spread in the following decades, developing a large domestic audience. Anime is distributed theatrically, through television broadcasts, directly to home media, and over the Internet. In addition to original works, anime are often adaptations of Japanese comics (manga), light novels, or video games. It is classified into numerous genres targeting various broad and niche audiences. There are numerous popular anime series around the world, among which we listed five series you to watch, that are celebrated by their fans most.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Gege Akutami, serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump since March 5, 2018. The story follows high school student Yuji Itadori, who gets involved in the world of jujutsu sorcerers known as the Jujutsu Tech. The sorcerers battle against cursed spirits known as “Curses” that bring harm to humanity. The series has been adapted into an anime series which premiered on October 3, 2020. And became one of the popular anime series of that year. It is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

The Protagonist

Yuji Itadori is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a high school student who gets caught up in the world of jujutsu sorcerers known as the Jujutsu Tech. He has a strong sense of justice and compassion, which leads him to willingly sacrifice himself to save others. Itadori possesses immense physical strength and endurance, as well as the unique ability to consume and neutralize Curses. He becomes a Jujutsu sorcerer after being possessed by the powerful cursed spirit Sukuna and must learn to control and harness its power while trying to find a way to separate the spirit from his body.

Story Follows

The story of Jujutsu Kaisen follows high school student Yuji Itadori, who becomes embroiled in the world of jujutsu sorcerers known as the Jujutsu Tech. The Jujutsu Tech are a group of powerful sorcerers who are tasked with eliminating Curses, spirits that bring harm to humanity.

The story begins when Yuji accidentally releases a powerful Curse named Sukuna, after discovering it sealed within a forbidden talisman. The Jujutsu Tech, including sorcerers Satoru Gojo, Megumi Fushiguro, and Nobara Kugisaki, are sent to capture Sukuna and stop it from causing further destruction.

In the process of trying to capture Sukuna, Yuji is possessed by the spirit, but instead of being turned into a Curse, he is able to maintain his human form and continue to live his life. The Jujutsu Tech decides to train Yuji to control Sukuna’s power, while also searching for a way to separate the spirit from his body.

As the story progresses, the Jujutsu Tech faces off against various Curses, including other powerful spirits like Mahito and Jogo. Along the way, they discover that there is a larger conspiracy at play, involving the organization known as the Jujutsu Tech and the mysterious “Sorcery Killers.”

Throughout the series, the characters are forced to confront their personal demons and make difficult choices, as they fight to protect humanity from the dangerous Curses, while also trying to find a way to save Yuji from Sukuna’s possession.

Death Note - Popular Anime Series


Death Note, is a psychological mystery thriller manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. Madhouse Studio adapted this manga series to anime, containing 37 episodes. And 4 feature films with a total runtime of 130 minutes excluding films. Tetsuro Araki directed the anime series and broadcasted it on Nippon Television from October 3, 2006 – June 26, 2007. Konami adapted the anime into a video game and published it for Nintendo DS. This popular anime series will definitely be one of the get-starter series for newly anime-watching people. The anime has met many controversies and bans, stating that it affects the students mentally and physically. In fact, the superstition beliefs portrayed in Death Note are reportedly misleading to many students.

Story Plot

The rivalry between the evil protagonist and the virtuous protagonist is the mystery plot that made the audience fully engaged in the series. Light Yagami, the evil protagonist discovers a mysterious notebook in his high school ground. The notebook named ‘Death Note’ belongs to a supernatural spirit called Ryuk, who loves to eat apples. Further, it has a special ability to kill people of the name written on it its pages. Light Yagami frustrated about the terrorists and sin-makers, decided to kill to create an impeccable society. The highly talented virtuoso protagonist, L, is the head detective in an elite Japanese Police Task Force. Light Yagami’s tries to kill the unethical people living in the society without getting caught in the hands of the police task force, driving the binge-watchers to go for the next episode every single time.

Demon Slayer - Popular Anime Series


Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, a trending Japanese manga series adapted to an anime. Koyoharu Gotouge is the man behind the illustration and writer of the anime series. This popular anime series contains one season and a sequel movie. The reach has been worldwide for the heart-touching storyline. The story portrays the love and care between a brother and a sister towards each other. The anime series has 26 episodes with a runtime of nearly 10 hours. Ufotable produced this adaptation and broadcasted it in Japan which had an original run from April 6, 2019 – September 28, 2019. The director of this series is Haruo Sotozaki. This ranks as one of the ten best-selling manga series of all time. And, on the whole, the total estimated sales for the Demon Slayer franchise is ₹18,856 crores (¥270 billion) only in Japan.

Tanjiro Kamado, the protagonist of the anime series becomes a demon slayer, slaughtering demons alongside his sister, Nezuko Kamado, a demon. This series shows the beautiful relationship between the brother and sister though she is a demon. Tanjiro Kamado’s family was brutally killed by the Demon Lord, Muzan Kibutsuji who has vengeance against the Kamado family. Unfortunately, Tanjiro left the house for New Year shopping and Nezuko turned into a demon. Nezuko and Tanjiro are the only two survivors of the Kamado family. The journey of the story is about how Tanjiro manages to turn his sister back into a human and kill the Demon Lord.

Pokemon - Largest Media Franchise


Pokémon, the word derived from ‘pocket monster’, had created by Japanese game designer Satoshi Tajiri in 1995. Indeed, Pokémon does say to be the highest-grossing media franchise ever with estimated revenue of 100 billion US dollars. The world-class popular anime series, Pokémon starts with the Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum is the main protagonist who follows Pokémon to catch them, train them, and make them fight for him. In fact, every Pokémon fan remembers the motto ‘Gotta catch ém all’ said famously by Ash Ketchum. Further, the journey of the Pokémon anime series starts with Ash Ketchum becoming a Pokémon trainer. Thus, by obtained his first Pokémon Pikachu from Professor Oak, a researcher in his local town Pallet, Kanto region on his tenth birthday.

Story Plot

The entire Pokémon anime series built with the journey of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu travelling through the Pokémon world to explore various Pokémon and participate in Pokémon championship tournaments. The Pokémon trainers can obtain a badge when they win the Pokémon championship tournaments from lost Pokémon trainers. On their journey, they team up with many Pokémon trainers, Pewter City Gym Leader and Pokémon Breeder Brock and Ash befriend Water Pokémon trainer and erstwhile Cerulean City Gym Leader Misty and all the while thwarting the plans of Jessie, James, and Meowth, low-ranking members of the criminal organization Team Rocket who want to steal Ash’s Pikachu and any other rare Pokémon they come across. In the Pokémon universe, Pokémon replaces the real-world animal species and legendary pokemon and mythical pokemon are considered as God-like creatures creating the universe and pokemon world.

One piece


One Piece, a well-known anime series that runs all over the world. One Piece, one of the highest-grossing media franchises running for more than two decades. Originally, a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It does have serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since July 1997. With its individual chapters compiled into 98 tankōbon volumes as of February 2021. The story follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy whose body gained the properties of rubber after unintentionally eating a Devil Fruit. With his crew of pirates, named the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy explores the Grand Line. In search of the world’s ultimate treasure, “One Piece” in order to become the next King of the Pirates.

The manga spawned a media franchise, adapted into a festival film produced by Production I.G. And an anime series produced by Toei Animation, which began broadcasting in Japan in 1999. Additionally, Toei has developed fourteen animated feature films, one OVA and thirteen television specials. Several companies have developed various types of merchandising and media, such as trading card games and numerous video games. The manga series held licensed for an English language release in North America and the United Kingdom by Viz Media and in Australia by Madman Entertainment. The anime series holds licensed by 4Kids Entertainment for an English-language release in North America in 2004 before the license dropped. Subsequently, acquired by Funimation in 2007.

One punch man


One-Punch Man, a superhero theme web manga series written and published by ONE. The web manga series, later remade into a digital manga series, illustrated by Yusuke Murata and published by Shueisha in Tonari no Young Jump. One-Punch Man contains two seasons (24 episodes + OVAs) with total runtime of 700 minutes, directed by two different directors. The first season of this popular anime series was from the same production team of ‘Death Note’, Madhouse has adapted this manga into an anime series, directed by Shingo Natsume and broadcasted in Japan from October 5, 2015 – to December 20, 2015. Later, Chikara Sakurai directed the second season, produced by J.C. Staff and telecasted from April 9, 2019 – July 2, 2019. One-Punch Man is one of the favourite manga series of all time but unfortunately hadn’t made any world records. Furthermore, One-Punch Man manga had sold over 3 crore copies as of 2020.

Story Plot

Saitama aka One-Punch Man is a silent hero in his city, “City Z”. He blows off the monsters in a single punch. Because of his overpowering strength, he was searching for a worthy opponent at least to knock off after a few punches. To fight against the monsters, a wealthy person, Agoni created a Hero Association, which employs superheroes. But, our hero has no idea of it, until a cyborg called Genos joined as his ally. Saitama becomes master to Genos after Genos get to know about Saitama’s unlimited power. The story plot goes off until he finds out an equally worthy opponent to fight against with his deadpan face.

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