Microsoft Unveils New Carbon Black Variant of Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S

At the highly anticipated Xbox Games Showcase 2023, Microsoft delighted gaming enthusiasts with a series of exciting announcements. Among the reveals was the introduction of a new variant of the popular Xbox Series S console, featuring a sleek Carbon Black design and an expanded storage capacity of 1TB. This striking Carbon Black colour scheme perfectly matches that of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Wireless controller, creating a cohesive visual experience for gamers.

Introducing the Carbon Black Xbox Series S with Enhanced Storage

The new Carbon Black variant of the Xbox Series S provides double the storage space compared to the base model, offering gamers increased capacity for their digital game library. With no disc drive, the all-digital Xbox Series S caters to players who rely on digital downloads and streaming services, making the additional storage particularly beneficial.

Availability and Launch Date for the Upgraded Console

Gamers eagerly anticipating the upgraded Xbox Series S won’t have to wait long, as it is set to release on September 1, coinciding with the highly anticipated launch of Starfield. This ensures that players can enjoy the latest games on a cutting-edge console equipped with ample storage.

Key Features of the Xbox Series S

Powered by a custom AMD Zen 2 CPU and an AMD RDNA2 GPU, the Xbox Series S, released in late 2020, delivers impressive gaming performance. With support for 2K gaming at 120 fps and advanced ray tracing capabilities, the console offers a captivating gaming experience. Its popularity has made the Xbox Series X and Series S the best-selling Xbox consoles to date.

Pricing and Inclusions of the 1TB Carbon Black Variant

The new Carbon Black Xbox Series S with 1TB storage is expected to retail for Rs 39,990, slightly higher than the base model’s price, which features 512GB of storage. Alongside the console, buyers will receive a Carbon Black Xbox wireless controller and an HDMI cable, ensuring they have everything they need to dive into their gaming adventures.

With the introduction of the Carbon Black Xbox Series S variant, Microsoft continues to enhance the gaming experience for players, offering improved storage capacity and a stylish design that seamlessly integrates with their gaming setup.

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