Marvel’s Eternals: All you need to know

Marvel's Eternals

The Eternals are a fictional comic book humanoid races from Marvel comics first appeared in the U.S American comic book publication The Eternals #1 (July 1976). In MCU, from the beginning of Phase 1 till “Endgame,” there is no sign of any Eternals in the movies. With many of the exceptional avengers fighting against the Mad Mutant Titan Thanos, you might not have any idea of Eternals. As the name says, they may be living from the time of existence. 

But you may have a thought of where were the Eternals during the blip. Do you want to know? In this post, you will know about everything about Marvel’s Eternals and the reason behind your query.

Origin of the Eternals

The Eternals are a group or race created by Celestials during the First Host of Celestials. The event happened before the fall of Titanos. The Celestials are fundamentally a race of space gods, came to Earth one million years ago and created different types of species. They are Deviants, Eternals, and Humans. Eternals appear to be like humans but live much longer and have a low birth rate. Deviants are frequently mutating monstrous species, feeding humans as their prey. Eternals live in the highest mountain tops of Greece and probe the universe with their minds, and eventually develop superpowers. Now, Kronos (Celestial) is ruling the Eternals of the Olympia.

One day, Kronos, in his experiment, in cosmic energy which got exploded and vaporized his body. Eventually, he turned into a space consciousness with no form or an entity. And, this catastrophic effect gave the Eternals, God-like powers and turned them into long-living species. As the Kronos is no more in a flesh body, there came a situation to choose a new leader. The Eternals were merged to form a Uni-Mind and chose Zuras as the Prime Eternal, the New Leader of Eternals. And, The Uni-Mind sentenced A’Lars to leave the Earth. Therefore, he moved to the planet Titan (Thanos’s birthplace).

Do you know an interesting fact about Thanos? Thanos is an Eternal with a Deviant mutation, basically a mutant among the Eternals.

Powers of the Eternals

As you’ll see the most of the Eternals possess the same abilities, but every character tends to specialize in one. The Eternal cells contain cosmic energy, thus making them blast through their eyes and hands. They are also able to maintain constant mental control over every molecule in their body. That makes them super-impressive because they have control of every aspect of their being to their molecules. They are virtually immortal and can be restored to life even if the molecules in their bodies are scattered. All the Eternals possess super-strength, flight, and transmutation of organic and inorganic matter and much more. They can also create a force field and have accelerated healing.

Main Characters from The Eternals

Members of Eternals


Remarkably, Ajak (played by Salma Hayek) is an average Eternal in the comics and has familiar characteristics like other Eternals. However, Ajak is still incredibly powerful as an Eternal, putting Ajak in the top-tier Marvel characters.

According to the comics, Ajak’s role is to communicate with the Celestials. Unfortunately, Makkari took up the part that caused Ajak upset. A puzzling fact regarding the movie adaptation is, Ajak is a male character in the comics but portrayed as female. Similarly, there is a gender swap for three characters in the movie that includes Sprite and Makkari.


The last member of the fourth generation is Druig (Barry Keoghan). Some conspiracy theories anticipate that he’ll be the antagonist of the movie Marvel’s Eternals. The previous comic experts have led him to try to become the leader of the Eternals by force. In the comics, he’s shown to be hard-hearted, manipulative, and atrocious in his search for power. If the team is not together all at once, his intelligence, transmutation, and illusion skills make him a dangerous opponent.


The third and most recent prime Eternal Ikaris is played by Richard Madden. The name “Ikaris” was taken from the Greek Mythological creature Icarus. This prime Eternal married a human woman and yielded a son named Icarus to memorialize him in the comics.

In terms of Ikaris superior abilities, he is noticeably one of the most durable and speedy, being able to survive downright submerged into the magma and trouncing hits from the likes of Red Hulk and Hercules. That proves that even without immortality, it would take a lot to put him down. He is known for flying at speeds clocking at around 1400 km per hour, out of most Eternals’ skill sets.


Another third-generation prime Eternal, Thena (played by Angelina Jolie), was once named Azura. But she changed over because of her agreement with the Olympian Gods for the Eternals to be their relations with the humans. Thena has impeccable fighting ability, durability, and agility that infers her a dangerous threat. She also has the rare ability to teleport herself and others, although the process is incredibly strenuous for Eternals.

While using cosmic energy manipulation, she can create light, fire, and even conjure weapons if she wants to get close. She has high-level mental abilities allowing her to create illusions. It makes sense that she would also be one of prime Eternals to be the leader of the Earthbound Eternals.


The juvenile and only eternal from the fifth generation that we see is Sprite (played by Lia McHugh). This guy is far more powerful than he looks. Sprite can go confrontational against Sersi with their abilities. Sprite is so young compared to the other Eternals; it’s exciting to see how their powers have progressed so far. And, it’ll be attention-grabbing to see how far they’ll go. Hopefully, Sprite doesn’t incline too cripplingly in becoming as mischievous as another MCU character like Loki. But we can’t have another trickster pranking everyone they can.

Black Knight

Though Black Knight (played by Kit Harrington) isn’t an Eternal, he is respected to be a significant character in Marvel’s Eternals. Dane Whitman (Black Knight) is the third character to uphold the name, who takes by the mantle of the Black Knight, has been Marvel’s backbone character for decades in the comics.

Black Knight’s nowhere near as powerful as any of the Eternals. His skills in leadership and combat against less cosmically infused characters is his forte. Legendary characters like Black Panther and Malekith wielded his ebony blade in the comics. Black Knight is proficient with Eternals, not bad for a regular guy with a degree in physics.


A fascinating fictional character among the Eternals, Kingo (played by Kumail Nanjiani), was initially created as the guardian of the Japanese settlement of the Eternals and grew to love the ways of the Samurai. Now, he’s a movie star who likes playing as a Samurai.

In the trailer of the movie adaptation, Kingo will be trading his Katana for something with a middle eastern flair. I have an interesting fact about one of the scenes where Kingo appears. Don’t worry; it isn’t a spoiler. According to some speculations, it may be the event that Tony Stark (Iron-Man) attended with Kingo during Spider-Man: Homecoming movie. Kingo has the same abilities as other Eternals but prefers to fight without them.


The legendary Comic Book Artist Jack Kirby created the Eternals for Marvel Comics. And, the movie adaptation of the Legend’s creation has released on November 5, 2021. The Marvel Cinematic Universe vastly expands the boundaries of its characters and storylines. Nevertheless, destroying Thanos, the speculations and conspiracies among the Marvel fans never end.

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