Marvel Comics History: From Bankruptcy to Best Comics Franchise

Marvel Comics

Marvel comics gathered huge fans worldwide through various media in the last 12 years. One of the biggest reasons for their success story is Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Everyone who loves to read comics and love to watch movies definitely would have watched the whole cinematic universe. Are you a Marvel Fan? Do you want to know about the history of Marvel Comics? Then, dive into to know the Marvel Comics’ history, from selling characters to ruling the comics industry.

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History of Marvel Comics

Firstly, Marvel Comics was under the name of Timely Publications in 1939 created by Martin Goodman. Secondly, Pulp magazine Western Supernovel Magazine from Newsstand Publications was the first publication of Martin Goodman in 1933. So, Goodman started to publish several varieties of characters in his many own publications. Eventually, In 1939, he came to know about the potential of emerging superhero comics DC comics, the biggest rival comics of Marvel. So, he decided to start a new company called Timely Publications and started to publish the superhero comic genre.

Timely Publications

The first comic book from Timely Publications is Marvel Comics #1 in October 1939. Do you have any guess of who is the first character from Marvel Comics? The actor who played the role also acted in another prime character of Marvel. Yes, you’re right. Of course, It’s Chris Evans who played the role of Human Torch and The Captain America of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, the first character of Marvel Comics is Human Torch and Sub-Mariner. After the success of the first comics from Timely Publications, Goodman employed many artists and writers. Then, in 1941, under the banner of Timely Comics, they published the third character Captain America by the artist Jack Kirby and Joe Simon.

Atlas Comics

The Marvel Comics Legend Stan Lee joined Timely Comics in 1939 at the age of 16 as a general office assistant. Then, Goodman changed the name to Atlas Comics after World War 2 but was unsuccessful because of trends. In 1961, Stan Lee modernized superhero comics by forming a team called The Fantastic Four to reach more mature audiences. Then, Stan Lee created Marvel’s greatest heroes like Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, X-men, etc. In 1996, Marvel Comics went bankrupt due to many fan theories that confused the audiences and resulted in to fall of the comic book industry. Finally, Marvel Comics, of no choice, started to sell the movie rights of prime characters to Sony, 20th Century Fox, etc.

Comics to Movies

Many successful movies with Marvel characters came out from other studios and revived the superhero characters. In 2008, Marvel Comics produced and distributed the blockbuster movie, Iron Man, which was known as the B-List character. Then, Disney decided to acquire Marvel Comics and created the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, Marvel Studios has become the best comic book franchise in the world by producing the best superhero films.

Timeline of Marvel Comics History


Timely Publications published the first comic book Marvel Comics#1.


Marvel Comic Writer Legend Stan Lee joined as an office assistant at the age of 16.


Captain America was first published in Timely Comics, Captain America Comics#1 created by the artist Jack Kirby and Joe Simon.


Timely Comics’ name changed to Atlas Comics.


The first team of Marvel Comics, Fantastic Four published under the banner of Marvel Comics.


Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. was established.


Marvel Comics went bankrupt under chapter 11.


Sony Pictures bought Spider-Man movie rights.


Iron Man movie was released under the banner of Marvel Studios. Moreover, this is the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


The Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel Comics.


Hachette Distribution services became Marvel’s bookstore distribution company.


Disney bought Lucasfilm, then Star Wars once again to be published by Marvel.


Marvel Partnered with Serial Box to publish digital comic books.

Marvel Characters

Popular Superheroes from Marvel Comics


Spider-Man, a web-swinging superhero, is one of the most popular characters among all the comic book franchises. It has first introduced in the comic book Amazing Fantasy#15 in August 1962. Spider-Man has created by the Marvel legend writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko. Peter Parker, a high school student, acquired superpowers and capabilities analogous to those of a spider due to a radioactive spider bite. Following the death of his beloved Uncle Ben because of Peter’s selfishness, Peter chose to live up to the phrase, “With great power comes tremendous responsibility”. Thus became the superhero known as Spider-Man.

Captain America

Captain America, the first Avenger who symbolises himself as an America’s superhero. Legendary comic book artists Jack Kirby and Joe Simon created this character. Steve Rogers, a military soldier, who has had rejected by the United States Army during World War II owing to a variety of health issues. He eventually enlisted for Project Rebirth, where he got Dr Abraham Erskine’s Super Soldier Serum. The serum transformed his fragile physique into the pinnacle of human physicality. Captain America is one of the few superheroes who can lift Mjolnir other than Thor.


Tony Stark is a smart engineer and wealthy businessman who transforms into the superhero Iron Man by donning his armour of cutting-edge technology. Tony Stark, the adoptive son of weapons maker Howard Stark, inherited his family’s business at an early age after his parents died. Stark was abducted by local militants while inspecting a manufacturing factory in a foreign nation. Instead of giving in to his captives’ requests for weaponry, Stark developed a strong suit of armour for himself in order to escape. When he returned to America, Stark improved the armour even further and used his tremendous wealth and knowledge to help the world as Iron Man.


Hulk aka Dr Robert Bruce Banner, is a green raging monster who was a physicist, famous for his works in gamma radiation. He was working on an experiment to create a gamma bomb for the United States Army, led by General Ross. During the testing, an orphaned boy entered the testing site. After his unexpected exposure to gamma radiation while saving Rick Jones’ life during the detonation of an experimental gamma bomb. Bruce Banner physically transformed into the Hulk. As a result, the gentle scientist discovered that when enraged, provoked, or stimulated by anyone, his body and brain would morph into Hulk, a massive, fury, primordial beast. He later joins the Avengers.


“The God of Thunder”, well known as Thor, is a fictional character inspired and created from the Norse mythology with the same name. He is the son of Odin, the All-Father and Asgardian ruler and the brother of Loki, “The God of Mischief”. He became the greatest warrior in the Ten Realms, carrying with his magical Uru hammer Mjolnir, which allows him to harness his almighty energies. Odin brought him to Midgard as a crippled mortal medical student called Donald Blake, robbed of his memories when his careless and impulsive behaviour became too much for him. He restored his memories and heavenly powers after learning modesty.

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