Madurai Metro Rail Project Gains Momentum

Madurai Metro Rail

Madurai Metro Rail Project Gains Momentum with DPR Submission on July 15

The highly anticipated Madurai Metro Rail project is making significant progress, with the Detail Project Report (DPR) set to be submitted on July 15, as revealed by MA Siddique, Managing Director of Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL). This ambitious project aims to establish a metro rail network covering a total length of 32 kilometres in Madurai, with a majority of the structure being elevated.

Submission of DPR and Project Commencement

The DPR, which outlines the project’s details, is expected to be submitted to the state government, approved by the Union government, and funded by external agencies. Once these steps are completed, the project will commence, bringing the vision of a metro rail system in Madurai closer to reality.

Consideration for Heritage Structures

In addressing concerns regarding the potential impact on heritage structures, the CMRL director assured that careful consideration had been given to these factors. The construction of underground stations near significant landmarks, such as the Madurai railway junction/Periyar bus stand, Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple, and Goripalayam, has been thoughtfully planned to minimize any adverse effects. The renowned car festival of the Meenakshi temple will remain unaffected.

Timeline for Completion

According to Siddique, the elevated line of the Madurai Metro Rail project is estimated to be completed within three years, while the construction of the underground structure is expected to take approximately 4.5 years. This timeline demonstrates the commitment to timely execution and efficient implementation of the project.

Transforming Madurai into a Development Hub

With a budget of Rs 8,500 crore, the Madurai Metro Rail project, announced during the budget session, aims to transform Madurai into a thriving hub of development for the southern region. This crucial transportation network will establish a vital connection from Thirumangalam to Othakadai, contributing to the overall growth and progress of the city.

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