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North Korea vs Corona - Lifestyle News This Week #13 | NF World Latest News

North Korea Covid cases | Buddha Purnima 2022 | Most searched UNESCO site – Taj Mahal | Taiwan Highway reopened | Samurai Museum Berlin – Lifestyle News this week

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Six people died due to Covid-19 in North Korea; Reported their first Covid-19 case on May 8

According to the country’s official media, North Korea detected its first Covid-19 case on May 8.

KCNA claimed that samples taken from a group of patients with fevers on May 8 proved positive for the highly infectious Omicron strain.

North Korea has declared a nationwide lockdown after confirming its first official Covid illness.

According to their media, six people died including the first covid patient in North Korea on May 13.

According to KNCA, a total of forty-two people have died, 8.2 lakh covid cases and 3.2 lakh people were getting treatment on May 15.

The real numbers are unknown. However, a big Covid-19 pandemic may be disastrous in such a country. As the people in North Korea are unvaccinated and impoverished. Moreover, they have an underdeveloped healthcare infrastructure.

North Korea, which is unlikely to have enough Covid-19 testing and other medical equipment, stated that it was unaware of the widespread fevers.

Buddha Purnima 2022: Know Date, Day, and Tithi Time

Buddha Purnima, also known as Buddha Jayanti, is the day when Gautama Buddha was born on the full moon day of Vaisakha.

He was born as Siddhartha Gautama, a Prince, on the Purnima Tithi, the full moon day in 563 BC, in Lumbini. Lumini is a region in modern-day Nepal.

As Gautama Buddha was born on full moon day, this day is also known as Buddha Purnima or Buddha Pournami. The Sanskrit word “Purnima” means “full moon day”.

Buddha Jayanti 2022 will mark Gautama Buddha’s 2584th Birth Anniversary. This year, Buddha Purnima falls on May 16, 2022.

The Tithi of Buddha Purnima will begin at 12:45 pm on May 15 and will end at 09:43 am on May 16.

The most searched UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Taj Mahal

People looked for the Taj Mahal more than any other UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world, according to Zitango Travel statistics.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site is a location that has extraordinary cultural or physical importance.

It is a fantastic tool for culture, architecture, and history lovers to use when travelling to find and visit significant locations.

The list comprises 1,154 sites from throughout the world, with some more popular than others.

The monument, one of the world’s seven wonders, had 14 lakh searches in a month.

According to Raj Kumar Patel, Superintending Archaeologist of ASI, Agra Circle, more than 10,000 visitors visited the Taj Mahal on a single day in January 2022.

Taiwan has reopened one of their most beautiful roads after 13 years

The Southern Cross-Island Highway in Taiwan has reopened to the public after a 13-year hiatus. It was destroyed by a storm in 2009.

The 208-kilometre route, also known as Provincial Highway No. 20, begins in Tainan and finishes at the Degaolu Bridge in Guanshan Township, Taitung County.

The alpine highway is a gorgeous road that is popular with tourists. Since it passes through rural and scenic areas of the island.

It also runs through Taiwan’s Yushan National Park, which has Jade Mountain, the island’s highest point.

According to Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications, many portions of the 154-kilometre mountain route have been repaired in the 13 years since the storm.

Samurai Museum Berlin in Germany is Europe’s first Samurai Museum

The first Samurai museum of Europe opened in Berlin, Germany on May 8.

The Samurai Museum Berlin features over 1,000 artefacts from the collection of Peter Janssen, a German entrepreneur.

Peter Janssen has amassed one of the most extensive collections of Japanese samurai art in the world over the last 30 years.

The “Samurai Art Museum” in Berlin Zehlendorf has been available to the public since 2017.

The decision to relocate to a larger exhibition space in a central location was motivated by Peter Janssen’s wish to share his unique collection with a wider audience.

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