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World Diabetes Day

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World Diabetes Day: November 14 – The day to be aware of the importance of diabetes

World Diabetes Day commemorates on November 14 every year. This day remarks the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, who discovered the insulin hormone in 1922.

World Diabetes Day had established by the International Diabetes Foundation (IDF) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1991. This day is to spread awareness and knowledge about diabetes mellitus.

Type-2 diabetes causes insulin resistance, which leads to the accumulation of sugar in the blood. Therefore, this results in excess production of insulin. So, the body retains salt and fluids, thereby increasing blood pressure.

Hence, the complications of diabetes lead to a risk of high blood pressure. These, in conjunction with frequent blood sugar testing, will assure proper treatment for both diabetes and high blood pressure.

Lifestyle News #4

Which is good for baking: Ghee or Butter?

During the lockdown, many households have tried different recipes. And, one of the recipes is cakes.

For making cake, baking is a mandatory step. So, for baking the cake, butter is a significant ingredient.

Butter has a lot of moisture content in it. Whereas ghee is a concentrated fat of milk. Ghee has a valuable source of metabolism and a good amount of healthy fats.

Chef Meghna from Instagram shows how to use ghee instead of butter in baking. She says that baking with ghee requires a change in other ingredients. Though, ghee has more health benefits.

There is no conclusion that ghee or butter is best for baking cake. But it is better to avoid ghee before beginning on new baking experiences.

Air pollution in Delhi: Effects of texic particles in the eyes

The air quality in Delhi and in the neighbouring areas are worsening due to poisonous chemicals in the atmosphere. The toxic air particles affect most of the body parts like the lungs, heart and bones.

Long-term exposure to air pollution affects eyesight. That causes eye irritation, dry eye condition, eye burn and also impaired vision.

The air pollutants also can develop chemical conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation formed in the inner side of the eyelids.

So, try to avoid roaming outside without a cause. Use protective glasses to reduce exposure to polluted air. Stay hydrated and avoid touching your eyes without washing your hands.

This regular routine after the meal makes you fit and healthy

The practise of Ayurveda is still there in India. People continue to turn to Ayurveda for minor problems and get positive outcomes.

Ayurveda had used as a nutritional approach that implies promoting wellness inside the body and mind. Food selection, meal timing, and mental state during meals either boost vitality or toxicity,” says Dr Nitika from Instagram.

Dr Nitika emphasises the significance of walking. She claims that walking at least 100 steps after eating dinner or lunch promotes general health. A 15-minute walk after each meal helps to improve health and the prevention of numerous health problems.

This 15-minute walk can improve digestion and increase metabolism. Moreover, it relieves laziness after the meal. So, try to follow this small tip to make a big difference in your daily routine.

Does Amla Tea help in weight loss?

Most of the weight loss diets contain Amla in the list. Amla has a slightly spicy and bitter aftertaste. People love this sour and tangy fruit in the form of juice or uncooked.

However, if you enjoy herbal tea, amla tea should be your go-to beverage. It raises the metabolic rate, which aids in weight loss.

Amla helps in the acceleration of metabolism. The quicker your metabolism, the more quickly you will lose weight. Due to the presence of fibre in the Amla, bowel movement becomes smoother.

Moreover, it aids in the elimination of constipation and aids in digestion and promotes gut health. Indeed, amla tea acts as a natural detoxifier in the body. Therefore, if you are planning to reduce your weight, try Amla tea.

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