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World Liver Day - Lifestyle News #11 | NF World Latest News

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World Liver Day: Healthy liver is very important for good regulatory function

The liver is one of the most important organs to function the digestion properly. So, every year, we commemorate World Liver Day on April 19 to raise awareness about liver illnesses.

Dr Tehsin A Petiwala, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist, and Endoscopist at Masina Hospital, highlighted in an interview about liver damage.

“Cirrhosis is the final and irreversible stage. And it may be prevented by easy procedures,” he said.

“Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, a frequent cause of cirrhosis, may be avoided with modest lifestyle changes,” he said.

Excess liver fat, as well as general body fat, can be reduced through exercise and weight loss. Avoid High-calorie meals, saturated fat, refined carbs (such as white bread, maida flour products, and pasta), and sweets.

These aid in the reduction of fat accumulation in the liver. In diabetics, rigorous blood sugar management inhibits fat deposition in the liver.”

Sleeplessness increases cardiovascular risk by 16 per cent: New Study

According to a new study, sleeplessness may increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs).

The journal Sleep Advances published this study that found that insomnia can increase the risk of CVDs by 16%.

It looked at a little over 1,000 persons, with an average age of 62, who had all undergone a heart attack or an operation to clear clogged arteries within the previous (average of) 16 months.

The study revealed that nearly half of the individuals experienced insomnia at the start of the trial. And 24% had previously taken sleep medicine.

According to the study, 364 MACE occurred in 225 of the patients over the follow-up period. MACE means major adverse cardiovascular events.

Trapp family is the tallest family in the world has an average height of 203cm: Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records has declared that a family from Minnesota, USA, is the tallest in the world.

Scott, Krissy, Savanna, Molly, and Adam Trapp are Trapp’s five children, standing an average of 203.29 cm tall (6 ft 8.03 in).

According to Guinness World Records journalist Aliciamarie Rodriguez, Adam Trapp, 22, of Esko, Minnesota, has a towering height of 221.71 cm (7 ft 3 in).

Followed by Savanna Trapp-Blanchfield, 27, who stood 203.6 cm (6 ft 8 in) tall, and Molly Steede, 24, who stood 197.26 cm (6 ft 6 in).

Further, Krissy, their mother, is the smallest of the Trapp family, standing at 191.2 cm (6 ft 3 in).

Whereas Scott, the father of the family, stands at 202.7 cm (6 ft 8 in).

A new study shows Turmeric helps in the growth of blood vessels and tissues

Turmeric has a chemical called Curcumin. According to a recent study from the University of California, Curcumin aids in the growth of designed blood vessels and tissues.

The journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces published the study’s findings.

The findings of UC Riverside bioengineers might speed the creation of lab-grown blood vessels as well as other tissues to replace and repair damaged tissues in human patients.

Curcumin contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Moreover, it has been shown to inhibit angiogenesis in cancerous tumours.

Magnetic hydrogels containing curcumin-coated nanoparticles stimulate the release of vascular endothelial growth factors.

The result showed that the approach may be utilised to distribute Curcumin to assist mend or regenerating wounded tissue in the future.

Using potent antioxidants in sunscreens can protect our skin even better

According to a new study, sunscreen does not protect the skin. It might be since a vital element is lacking from all of these lotions.

The journal ‘Antioxidants’ published the findings.

A missing component is a form of antioxidant (a kind of stable molecule) present in nature.

Experiments have demonstrated that these antioxidant molecules assist cells to maintain a healthy amount of free radicals by removing excess iron (a type of unstable molecule).

Skin damage is highly connected to free radicals and free iron.

Dr Charareh Pourzand led this research at the Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology and the Centre for Therapeutic Innovation at the University of Bath.

He urged skin-care manufacturers to look more closely at opportunities to include iron-trapping extracts in their products as a result of their findings.

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