Kolkata Metro aims to increase its solar power generation

Kolkata Metro

Kolkata Metro Installs Solar Power Plants to Reduce Carbon Footprint

In its pursuit of becoming a ‘Net Zero’ carbon emitter by 2030, Indian Railways is actively implementing sustainable initiatives. Kolkata Metro, a part of the railway network, has recently installed solar power plants on rooftops across various locations. These installations are aimed at generating clean energy and reducing the carbon footprint of the metro system.

Solar Power Plants on Kolkata Metro

The Kolkata Metro currently generates 2189.50 Kwp of solar power. This includes 657 Kwp solar power plants on the North-South Corridor, 1519 Kwp solar power plants on the East-West Corridor, and 13.5 Kwp solar plants at Tapan Sinha Memorial Hospital of Metro Railway.

Solar Power Plants at Metro Stations

Solar power plants have been successfully installed at seven metro stations, namely Noapara, Dum Dum, Mahanayak Uttam Kumar, Kavi Subhash, Salt Lake Sector V, Central Park station, and Central Park Depot. These rooftop installations contribute to the generation of renewable energy.

Benefits of Solar Power Plants for Kolkata Metro

The construction of solar power plants has been carried out through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) arrangements. Metro railway authorities have provided the rooftop areas, while the solar power developers have handled the entire process of designing, procurement, installation, testing, and commissioning. The plants are operated by the developers, and their performance is monitored through a cloud-based system. Built-in meters and data loggers enable an analysis of the plants’ performance using external computers and smart devices.

Future Plans for Solar Power Generation

In the fiscal year 2023-24, Kolkata Metro aims to increase its solar power generation capacity by 2792 Kwp. This includes installations such as a 500 Kwp capacity plant at Stabling Bay Line Workshop, Central Park Depot, a 92 Kwp capacity plant at Belgachia, a 1400 Kwp capacity plant at Joka Depot, and an 800 Kwp capacity plant at Kavi Subhash Carshed. Additionally, a proposal has been made for a 654 Kwp capacity solar power generation plant at Jessore Road station.

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