Kilambakkam Bus Terminus Await Inauguration

Kilambakkam Bus Terminus

The forthcoming Kilambakkam bus terminus, with a construction investment of ₹393.74 crore, is set to be unveiled as the ‘Kalaignar Centenary Bus Terminus,’ ready to serve the public in the near future. Despite nearing completion, the inauguration of the Kilambakkam bus terminus is marred by a series of lingering incomplete works, totalling Rs 45 crore. The delay primarily pertains to outstanding tasks such as stormwater drain construction, the widening of Iyananchery-Meenakshipuram Road, and the ongoing construction of the entrance road. With a cumulative of 10 pending projects, the timeline for completion may extend to Deepavali. Nevertheless, the government aims to execute a phased inauguration before that.

Collaboration with Southern Railway

The State government is actively collaborating with Southern Railway to enhance accessibility to the Kilambakkam bus terminus. Discussions have centred around the establishment of a halt station between Vandalur and Urappakkam railway stations. This proposed halt station seeks to provide convenient access for thousands of commuters to the satellite bus terminus. Southern Railway’s approval for the new halt station, backed by the government’s full financial support, signifies a step toward seamless intermodal connectivity.

Halt Station Development and Progress

Southern Railway’s green light for the halt station at Kilambakkam heralds positive progress. The government has committed to funding the entire setup, depositing Rs 40 lakh for the purpose. A dedicated timeline of one year has been earmarked for the project’s completion from the contract award date. In preparation, Chennai division officials are slated to undertake feasibility surveys, crafting essential drawing plans and preliminary groundwork.

Skywalk: Facilitating Connectivity and Access

Efforts to streamline connectivity and access take shape through the concept of a skywalk, aimed at assisting passengers in traversing the bustling GST Road and linking with the proposed railway station opposite the bus terminus. The Chennai Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (CUMTA) ( and the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) ( have proposed the skywalk solution. With funds secured for the acquisition of 1.5 acres, the acquisition process is underway, paving the way for subsequent tendering and completion of the skywalk within a year.

An Integration of Functionality and Aesthetics

CUMTA’s concept design for the skywalk envisions a 450-meter-long, 10-meter-wide structure capable of accommodating up to 5,000 people per hour. The CMDA is primed to enhance its functionality with features such as a travelator, a covered roof with a skylight, a seating area, and a retail kiosk. Multiple landings are anticipated, connecting diverse points including GST Road, the railway station, the main terminus, and the MTC halting point. As the skywalk takes shape, it mirrors the commitment to efficient, interconnected, and aesthetically pleasing urban infrastructure.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic article on the Kilambakkam Bus Terminus! This modern transportation hub is a testament to forward-thinking urban planning and infrastructure development.

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