Kalki 2898AD: India’s Mytho-Sci-fi Epic Revealed at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC)

Kalki 2898AD

The much-anticipated project, previously known as Project-K, has unveiled its title as “Kalki 2898AD” at the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) with great enthusiasm. The teaser was released by renowned actors Prabhas and Kamal Haasan, introducing India’s ambitious multi-lingual sci-fi film. Directed by Nag Ashwin and produced by Vyjayanthi Movies, Kalki 2898AD promises a captivating blend of mythology and science fiction.

The Plot Unveiled:

The teaser showcased a dystopian future where the world is gripped by darkness and ruled by oppressive forces and advanced technology. People suffer brutally under this regime. Amidst this chaos, a hero rises to challenge the oppressors, setting the stage for an epic battle between light and dark. Deepika’s character appears as a conflicted recruit in the army, while Prabhas portrays a valiant warrior determined to save the world.

Meet the Characters:

The glimpse also introduces Amitabh’s character, a fierce warrior draped in bandages, whose role remains intense and intriguing. The teaser hints at a pivotal question, “What is Project K,” adding layers of mystery to the narrative.

Kalki in Hindu Mythology:

In Hindu mythology, Kalki is believed to be the final incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is destined to appear in the future. When the age of Kalyug (Kali Yuga) reaches its end, and righteousness fades away, Kalki will descend to restore balance and usher in a new era.

Comic-Con Extravaganza:

The SDCC event witnessed fanfare and excitement as raiders dressed as characters from the movie interacted with attendees. A comic strip teasing the story of Kalki 2898AD was also launched, showcasing Prabhas’ hero coming to the rescue of an oppressed old man.

Absent Star:

Notably, Deepika Padukone was unable to attend the SDCC due to her association with the SAG-AFTRA, which prohibits actors from providing promotional services during the ongoing strike, including appearances at conventions like Comic-Con.

Director’s Vision:

Director Nag Ashwin expressed his excitement in sharing India’s rich lore and superhero stories with the global audience, and SDCC provided the perfect platform for the film’s grand introduction.

Mixed Reactions to Posters:

Earlier, the first looks of Prabhas and Deepika received mixed responses from the audience, with some expressing dissatisfaction with Prabhas’ appearance. Nevertheless, the film’s star-studded cast, which also includes Disha Patani, continues to generate buzz and anticipation.

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