Israeli Fighter Jets Strike Gaza Strip in Response to Rocket Attacks, Offensive in Jenin Concludes

Israeli Fighter Jets Strike Gaza Strip

Israeli fighter jets have launched airstrikes on the Gaza Strip in retaliation to rockets fired from the besieged enclave, following the conclusion of a large-scale offensive in Jenin, located in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli Response to Rocket Attacks:

In response to rockets fired towards southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, Israel conducted an attack targeting an underground weapons manufacturing facility belonging to Hamas, the Palestinian group governing the Strip. No casualties were reported from the Israeli strike.

Conclusion of Offensive in Jenin:

The Israeli army announced the withdrawal of its forces from Jenin, ending a two-day ground and air offensive. The offensive resulted in the deaths of at least 12 Palestinians, with approximately 100 others wounded. Residents who had fled the Jenin refugee camp, where the raid occurred, began returning to assess the damage to their homes and belongings. The Palestinian Red Crescent Society evacuated around 500 families, totalling approximately 3,000 individuals, from the camp.

Celebration and International Response:

Across the West Bank, thousands of Palestinians celebrated the withdrawal of Israeli forces. The Jenin refugee camp houses Palestinians who are descendants of those displaced during the establishment of Israel in 1948. The Israeli offensive in Jenin drew condemnation from various countries and organizations, including Iran, Egypt, Jordan, and the Arab League. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed deep concern about the assault on Jenin and has called for a meeting on Friday to discuss the situation.

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