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Sky bridge 721 - Infrastructure News - Week #14 | NFW Latest News

Infrastructure News – Sky bridge 721 in the Czech republic | Beypore beach – Kerala’s first floating bridge | Chennai’s T.Nagar got new Skywalk | Chennai Port to Maduravoyal expressway | Villivakkam lake glass bridge

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World’s longest suspension bridge – Sky bridge 721

The Czech Republic opened its world’s largest suspension bridge. The new bridge is named Sky Bridge 721. Located at 2.5 hrs of travel from Prague. Prague is the national capital city of the Czech republic. It is opened after two years of construction. This bridge travels across two mountain ranges for a distance of 721 meters. Thus, giving its name. The walkway offers a stunning viewing experience of the Jesenky mountains. The walkers experience exciting views as well as dangerous adventures 95 meters above the valley.

Visitors arrive at an altitude of 1,125 metres and depart at 10 metres higher. It took 1,030 cubic metres of concrete to build it, leading to an overall weight of 405 tonnes, with the ropes weighing 158 tonnes and the auxiliary structures weighing 20 tonnes.

Travellers will reach its peak level at 95 metres above ground level — 1,116 metres above sea level — after walking 721 metres. Six main supporting ropes and 60 wind ropes of varied diameters suspend it while the walkway spans 1.2 metres in width.

The Czech Republic’s Sky Bridge 721 is 154 metres longer than the world’s longest suspension footbridge, Nepal’s Baglung Parbat Footbridge. According to local media, the suspension bridge cost 200 million crowns, or $8.4 million.

Beypore beach – Kerala’s first floating bridge

Kerala constructed its first floating bridge. The Kerala state tourism board, in collaboration with the district tourists promotion council (DTPC) and the ports department, has built a floating bridge at Kozhikode’s Beypore beach. Tourists can enjoy the thrill of stepping over the sea waves, which was previously thought to be nearly impossible.

Thus, located on Beypore beach in Kozhikode. The bridge measures around 3 metres wide and 100 metres long. Specifically, It is constructed of high-density polyethene (HDPE) blocks that hover in the water. It goes up and down in response to the severity of the waves.

The bridge was constructed using around 1,300 HDPE blocks, every piece weighs 7kg. Railings are installed on the ends for people to grip onto in order to keep them from falling. The bridge allows travellers to enjoy the picturesque splendour of the sea while floating on it.

The floating bridge is still not a permanent structure. This pliable structure is supported by 31 anchors weighing 100 kilos each. The anchors can be removed and the bridge moved to some other beach if necessary, with no impact to its 100-metre length.

Chennai’s T.Nagar got a new pedestrian Skywalk

The skywalk project between Mambalam railway station and T.Nagar bus terminus is progressing. Greater Chennai Corporation, which is carrying out this project as part of the Smart City Mission, has accomplished more than 80% of the work. The project costs ₹27 crores derived from the funds of Chennai Smart City Limited.

The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) is optimistic that the long-delayed skywalk will be completed by the end of next month hopefully. The skywalk does have planned for connecting the T.Nagar bus terminus and Mambalam railway station.

The 600-metre-long and 4-metre-wide skywalk would snake its way through the Madley Road tunnel and Station Road. The skywalk would allow people to circumvent congested Usman and Ranganathan Streets.

Double-decker expressway from Chennai port to Maduravoyal

Sunil Paliwal, Chairman of the Chennai Port Authority told the Chennai Port to Maduravoyal elevated corridor will become a reality, easing traffic congestion and providing a lifeline for the port.

Under the PM Gati Shakti Scheme, the Chennai Port-Maduravoyal Elevated Expressway has been resurrected, and the NHAI has begun construction on the 20.6-kilometre double-decker corridor.

Mr.Paliwal stated the PM Gati Shakti, which brings 16 Union Government Ministries and the State Government together for integrated planning and faster implementation of infrastructure connectivity projects while sharing details of various projects completed in the Chennai Port and Kamarajar Port.

Glass pedestrian bridge above Villivakkam lake

Residents of Chennai may soon visit Villivakkam Lake, which is 41 feet above sea level. As it is nearing completion with enclosed glass doors suspension bridge. The bridge, structured after the Singapore model, will be 250 metres long and will have steps and lifts.

According to Greater Chennai Corporation authorities, work on the suspension bridge, which is part of the repair and beautification of Villivakkam lake, would be completed soon. The firm has already converted a sewage-filled oxidation pond into a 320MLD capacity lake.

The lake’s restoration cost Rs 20 crore. The glass-bottomed suspension bridge will cost Rs 10 crore to build. While the corporation is responsible for both projects, the park’s upkeep and management are being handled by a private entity.

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