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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari Unveils ₹8,000 Crore Highway Projects

8k cr highway in UP | Hyderabad Airport Metro | CMRL Phase 2 Construction | Gati Shakti 9 years | India’s tallest escalator – Infrastructure News This Week

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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari Unveils ₹8,000 Crore Highway Projects in Uttar Pradesh, Boosting State Infrastructure

Union Minister of India for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, laid the foundation stone for ten national highway (NH) projects in Uttar Pradesh’s Pratapgarh and Deoria regions, with a total value exceeding ₹8,000 crore. The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways stated that this ceremony, attended by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, signifies a significant step towards enhancing the state’s infrastructure.

Pratapgarh Region Development

In Pratapgarh, five NH projects worth ₹2,200 crore were unveiled. Notably, the ceremony marked the commencement of the widening of a 43-kilometre stretch of National Highway 330 from Pratapgarh to Sultanpur, which is expected to cost ₹1,290 crores and reduce travel time between Prayagraj and Pratapgarh via Ayodhya. Additionally, the construction of a proposed 14-kilometre bypass in Pratapgarh, estimated at ₹309 crore, will commence shortly. The ministry also highlighted that road safety measures, such as the installation of street lights and bus shelters, will be undertaken on National Highway 31 at a cost of ₹27 crore.

The ministry emphasized that the construction of the Pratapgarh-Musafirkhana section will accelerate the development of industries, including cement plants, gas plants, bottling plants, and dairy milk factories. These projects are expected to encourage investment in Uttar Pradesh and create new employment opportunities.

Deoria Region Development

Moving to the Deoria region, Gadkari announced five NH projects worth ₹6,215 crores. He stated that the construction of a 22-kilometre, 4-lane bypass in Deoria, costing ₹1,750 crore, will be awarded in August 2023. The minister highlighted that these projects will benefit the backward areas of Deoria and Gorakhpur, while also improving connectivity with Bihar.

Gadkari expressed his commitment to progress and stated that, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, they are dedicated to creating a new path of progress through national highways in Uttar Pradesh.

Hyderabad Airport Metro Project Receives Strong Commitment

HMDA (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority) and GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd have pledged to contribute 10 percent each towards the Hyderabad Airport Metro Project, with an estimated cost of Rs 6,250 crore. The Telangana government will provide complete funding for the project.

During a pre-bid meeting attended by technical teams from 13 national and global companies, including L&T, Alstom, Siemens, Tata Projects, IRCON, RVNL, BEML, PANDROL Rahee Technologies, among others, N.V.S. Reddy, the Managing Director of Hyderabad Airport Metro Ltd (HAML), highlighted the significance and notable features of the project. Prospective bidders raised queries about civil structures, rolling stock (trains), signalling and train control systems, performance indices, and technical specifications. In response, the Managing Director and his technical team engaged in detailed discussions to address these queries.

This meeting followed the global tenders that were issued to select an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contractor for the Hyderabad Airport Metro project.

Regarding the route and stations, Reddy mentioned that preliminary tasks such as surveys, peg marking, and alignment fixation have mostly been completed, while soil testing is currently underway. Based on the updated survey and alignment fixation, the 31-kilometre corridor between the Raidurg metro station and Airport terminal station will consist of a 29.3-kilometre elevated section and a 1.7-kilometre underground section. The corridor will encompass a total of nine stations, including an underground metro station adjacent to the airport terminal.

The selected EPC contractor is expected to commence groundwork no later than September 2023 and complete the project within a three-year timeframe.

Chennai Metro Phase-II: Construction of Madhavaram Milk Colony to Retteri Junction Stretch Set for Completion in 2024

Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) is making steady progress in the construction of the Madhavaram Milk Colony to Retteri Junction stretch, covering a distance of 7 km, as part of Corridor-5 in the Chennai Metro Phase-II project. It is expected to be completed within the next three years.

Chennai Metro Phase-II Overview: The Phase-II project aims to enhance the mass rapid transit system in Chennai and includes the development of 118 stations across three distinct corridors. Corridor-3 will span from Madhavaram to SIPCOT (45.4 km), Corridor-4 will extend from Light House to Poonamallee (26.1 km), and Corridor-5 will stretch from Madhavaram to Sholinganallur (44.6 km).

Progress and Timeline of the Madhavaram Milk Colony to Retteri Junction Stretch

Significant progress has already been made, with the construction of pillars and installation of viaducts over a 400 m stretch in Retteri. One of the twin tunnels from Madhavaram Milk Colony to Venugopal Nagar has been completed, and the other tunnel is nearing completion. The stretch is expected to be operational by mid-2026, pending the opening of the Porur-Poonamallee line on Corridor-4.

Corridors and Stations in Chennai Metro Phase-II

The upcoming Madhavaram Depot Metro line will feature stations at strategic locations including Madhavaram Depot Metro, Assisi Nagar, Manjambakkam, Velmurugan Nagar, Madhavaram Bus Terminus, Shastri Nagar, and Retteri Junction.

Construction Milestones and Upcoming Developments

The construction of the Madhavaram depot, which will serve as the hub for train maintenance and storage, is also underway. The depot is expected to be ready for trial runs and operations. CMRL is committed to completing the Madhavaram Milk Colony to Retteri Junction stretch by 2024, after which tracks will be laid and driverless trains will be delivered.

Project Cost and Completion Timeline

The Phase-II project, with an estimated cost of Rs 63,246 crore, aims to provide improved transportation infrastructure over a total distance of 118.9 km. The commissioning of the entire Phase II is scheduled between 2026 and 2028.

Chennai Metro Phase-I

A Successful Transportation Network: Chennai Metro Phase-I, comprising two corridors (Corridor-1 from Wimco Nagar to the Airport and Corridor-2 from Chennai Central to St. Thomas Mount), is fully operational, covering a network of 54.1 km with 41 stations.

Overall, the Chennai Metro Phase-II project is set to revolutionize the city’s transportation system, providing efficient and reliable connectivity across different parts of Chennai. The completion of the Madhavaram Milk Colony to Retteri Junction stretch will mark another milestone in this ambitious endeavour to enhance urban mobility in Chennai.

PM Modi Lauds 9 Years of Growth and Development in India, Highlights Unparalleled Infrastructure Advancements

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to hail the efforts of his government, emphasizing that they have nurtured the roots of growth and development in India over the past nine years. PM Modi further highlighted the remarkable infrastructure landscape that has been shaped through these efforts.

Prime Minister’s Twitter Praise for Government’s Efforts

PM Modi expressed his satisfaction with the progress made under his government, stating that they have nurtured the foundations of growth and development in India. He underscored the unparalleled infrastructure advancements that are currently taking place across the nation.

Swift Advancements in Every Sector Pave the Way for a Developed India

The prime minister emphasized that every sector has witnessed swift advancements, setting the stage for a developed India. This indicates the significant progress made in various areas under his government’s leadership.

BJP’s Mega Public Outreach Celebrates ‘9Years of Gati and Pragati’

In celebration of nine years of the Modi government, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has organized a series of programs across the country. The party has launched a mega public outreach campaign, marked by the hashtag ‘9 Years of Gati and Pragati’, to highlight the government’s achievements.

Launch of ‘India’s Google Map Infrastructure Development’ to Streamline Projects

The Indian government has introduced a new digital tool known informally as ‘India’s Google Map Infrastructure Development’. This tool aims to address issues such as delays in centralized infrastructure projects and the lack of centralized information to guide these projects. It was launched as part of the PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan For Connectivity.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commendation of the government’s efforts highlights the significant progress achieved in nurturing growth and development in India. The swift advancements across various sectors and the launch of innovative initiatives like ‘India’s Google Map Infrastructure Development’ demonstrate the commitment to shaping a developed India.

India’s Tallest Escalators to Be Installed at Mumbai Metro 3’s International Airport Terminal

Mumbai Metro 3 is set to break records by installing the tallest escalators in India at the international airport terminal (T2) station. With a height of 19.15 meters each, these eight escalators will surpass the current national record held by the escalators at Delhi Metro’s Janakpuri-West station, which stands at 15.6 meters. This installation will also restore Mumbai’s status as the city with the country’s tallest escalators, reclaiming the title it previously held due to T2’s 11.6-meter-high pair.

Mumbai Metro 3 Sets New Record with Tallest Escalators in India

The upcoming installation of 19.15-meter-high escalators at Mumbai Metro 3’s T2 station will set a new record in India. These escalators will surpass the previous national record held by Delhi Metro’s Janakpuri-West station.

Reclaiming Mumbai’s Title of City with the Tallest Escalators

With the installation of the new escalators, Mumbai will regain its status as the city with the tallest escalators in the country. Previously, Mumbai held this distinction due to the 11.6-meter-high escalators at T2.

The World’s Tallest Escalator System and Current Record Holders

While India is set to witness the tallest escalators in the country, the world’s highest escalators measure a staggering 69 meters each. These record-breaking escalators are located in three underground stations of the Saint Petersburg Metro in Russia. Hong Kong’s Central Mid-level escalator system holds the title for the world’s tallest escalator system, standing at 135 meters tall. It spans over 800 meters and comprises 20 escalators and three inclined travelators.

Installation of Escalators at CSMIA T-2 Station for Mumbai Metro 3

A total of 14 escalators are being installed at the CSMIA T-2 station of the underground Colaba-Bandra-Seepz corridor. These escalators, weighing 250 tons in total, are being lowered into confined spaces using a specialized crane.

In conclusion, Mumbai Metro 3’s installation of India’s tallest escalators at the T2 station will set a new record in the country and restore Mumbai’s position as the city with the tallest escalators. While the world’s tallest escalators are located in Russia, Hong Kong boasts the tallest escalator system. The installation of these escalators is a significant step in enhancing Mumbai’s metro infrastructure and providing efficient transportation for passengers.

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