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Blagoveshchensk-Heihe Bridge

Russia-China bridge | NHAI-Guinness Record | Adani-HG Infra-Ganga Expressway | Fibre cables-NH | Rajkot Airport-Infrastructure News this week

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A bridge that connects Russia and China has opened for cargo transport

The first-ever bridge connecting Russia and China opened for cargo transport as Moscow shifts its focus to Beijing amid a diplomatic crisis with the West.

The majority of the construction of the Blagoveshchensk-Heihe Amur River bridge was finished in late 2019.

Until recently, transportation between border communities with strong economic links was supplied via riverboats, hovercraft, floating bridges, and ice roads in winter.

The inaugural ceremony saw cargo trucks crossing the kilometre-long bridge. While pyrotechnics in the colours of the Russian flag burst in the backdrop.

Both Moscow and Beijing have deepened political and economic collaboration over the years to oppose the United States’ global supremacy.

NHAI won Guinness World Record for constructing a 75 Km highway in just 5 Days

India has earned the Guinness World Records for building the longest continuous stretch of bituminous concrete road. Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, said that in a tweet.

The National Highways Authority of India’s (NHAI) consultants and franchisee to create a 75-kilometre-long stretch of bituminous concrete in a single lane on National Highway 53.

Further, this project is in collaboration with Rajpath Infracon Pvt Ltd and Jagdish Kadam.

The 75-kilometre single-lane road is projected to be comparable to the 35-kilometre paved shoulder road.

Built on a stretch of NH-53 between the Maharashtra districts of Amravati and Akola.

About 800 employees of NHAI and 720 workers of Rajpath Infracon started the project at 7:27 am on June 3. And it was 5 pm on June 7 when the laborious effort finished after 105 hours and 33 minutes.

Adani Transport handovers ₹4,900 crores worth of projects to HG Infra Engineering

Adani Road Transport has awarded HG Infra Engineering a Letter of Award (LOA) for the execution of civil and related works on an EPC basis for the development of an access-controlled six-lane greenfield Ganga Expressway.

The entire cost of the 151.7-kilometre project is ₹4971 crores.

Uttar Pradesh Expressways Industrial Development Authority will announce the completion date.

The Ganga Expressway, advertised as the country’s longest, would connect Meerut in Uttar Pradesh’s northwest to Prayagraj in the state’s east.

Adani is reportedly in negotiations with SBI to fund ₹12,000 crores for the project.

Adani Transport has awarded the contract to build three parts of the 594-kilometre Ganga Expressway last year.

India plans to set up fibre net cable along the National Highways

India intends to use its highway network to connect remote places by putting down an optical fibre network alongside the roadways.

The ministry of road transport and highway plans to construct integrated utility corridors with dedicated right of way (RoW) along its new and existing highways. That would be utilised to expand optical fibre cable (OFC) infrastructure.

Moreover, this OFC infrastructure would give black fibre access to telecom carriers, allowing them to deliver internet service to remote and remote places.

The government wants the fibre network to be operational along all greenfield motorways. That would entail the construction of 18,000 kilometres of OFC infrastructure across the country.

AAI: ₹1,405 crores worth of construction of Greenfield Airport in Rajkot has been undertaken

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has begun work on the Greenfield Airport in Rajkot, Gujarat.

According to an official release, the project would cost roughly ₹1,405 crores. And will improve transit for individuals travelling outside of the state.

The new airport, which spans 2534 acres, is located around 30 kilometres from Rajkot and on the Rajkot-Ahmadabad route. The terminal building of this new airport will have a total built-up area of 23,000 sqm, excluding the basement. And will be able to handle 1800 passengers during peak hours.

The authority also stated that there are plans to modernise and beautify Rajkot, including infrastructure projects such as the development of a greenfield airport to assist promote local business houses and provide economic riches to the country.

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