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Kanpur Metro

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Kanpur Metro: Trail Run completed; Ready to open in few weeks

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath flagged off the Kanpur Metro. The metro trial ran on November 10 in Kanpur, India.

It would be available to the public in the next four to six weeks. Kanpur Metro would have two routes. The total length of the metro is 32.4 km.

The first track is a 23.8-kilometre. It runs from IIT-Kanpur to Naubasta. And, the second route runs from Chandrashekhar Azad Agriculture University and the Barra region. The second route length is 8.6 km.

The Metro trains have employed “regenerative breaking”. It is an innovative technology to save energy. So, it can regenerate around 35 to 45 per cent of each 1000 units used.

Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport: Things to know

A Multi-Modal Transit Project is built-in Kolkata. It is called the Kaladan Multi-Modal transit transport project. It connects North-East India through a sea-river-road route. The route connects through Myanmar.

The project budget is more than 20,000 crores. It will give a boost to the economic and military route to the North-Eastern states.

This project shortens the distance between the North East and the rest of India. It is now only accessible through the narrow Siliguri Passage in West Bengal. The passage is often known as the “Chicken’s Neck.”

The public works department finished major construction works. The project on the Mizoram side is almost complete. It is stated by Mizoram Governor.

Recycled Materials to Recycling Centre

A recycling centre does have built-in a town in Japan. The town is named Kamikatsu. Most special of the centre completely uses recycle and upscale materials and mismatching windows in facade.

The major industry of Kamikatsu used to be forestry, but currently, all that remains are neglected cedar woods. To create a structure that uses unprocessed cedar logs, Nakamura’s firm collaborated with Yamada Noriaki Structural Design Office.

They used cedar logs instead of squared-off material, reducing waste. The logs cut across the whole length. It maintains their strength and appearance. Two portions bolted to form a truss. It can reassemble and reuse.

The offcuts of wood do have used to create facades. The community donated 700 windows. Other major building materials do have granted by companies.

Lightweight Floor Reducing Carbon Emissions

The new floor construction reduces carbon emissions caused by fast urban expansion. The construction model has been in the works for a decade. The floor is the most polluting part of the building accounting for 40%.

Most floors have made up of concrete and steel. During operation and construction floor emits carbon damage to the atmosphere. Emissions account for 8% globally.

A team of architects and engineers from ETH Zurich designed a floor slab. It uses just 30% of the concrete and 10% of the reinforcing steel of a normal floor.

The theoretical floor model came to life in a two-story research building platform in Switzerland, HiLo. It may adopt in countries like China, India and African countries. These are highly populated countries in the world.

Amazon’s Second Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia

After the announcement of the Amazon HQ2 project has grown dramatically in size and scope. Amazon announced its new campus in Arlington, Virginia, USA in February 2020.

Headquarters will include 40 lakh sq ft of office space. 21 lakh square feet will build in the first phase, Metropolitan Park. It is presently under development and has slated to open in 2023.

JBG Smith and Acorn LLC presented the proposal in February 2021 for the new Amazon HQ2 second phase. They named it as PenPlace phase.

The PenPlace phase has three 22-story buildings, namely T1, T2 and T3. The phase 2 area of the office space is 27 lakh square feet. The total area of office space will be 48 lakh square feet.

A spiral-shaped helix, 350 feet glass amenity building will come on the north side of the campus.

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