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Christ the Protector - Infrastructure News #13 | NF World Latest News

Christ the Protector | RERA non-compliance | Sagarmala Programme | Gadkari-highway construction | Acme Solar-Tamil Nadu – Infrastructure News of the week

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Christ the Protector of Encantado will be the new Tallest Jesus Christ Statue

Encantado, Brazil, now constructs a tall new Jesus Christ monument. Moreover, It approaches the height of Rio de Janeiro’s iconic “Christ the Redeemer” statue.

Since 2019, Christ the Protector has been in the works.

According to the Friends of Christ Association (AACristo), the statue is 43 metres (141 feet) tall. Thus making it 4.9 metres taller than Rio’s sculpture. AACristo is the local group responsible for creating the statue

The estimated cost of the project is $353,000.

Sculptor Genésio Gomes Moura and his son Markus Moura created the structure. It will be the world’s third-tallest Jesus statue. It is behind a 249-foot monument now under construction in Mexico and a 172-foot figure in Poland.

RERA: Government form a committee to investigate the non-compliance of rules

The government of India has decided to analyse the grounds for non-compliance with directives issued by various chapters of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).

RERA will now form a committee comprised of homebuyers and real estate developers to investigate various rules issued by state-specific agencies but not yet implemented.

The government may also seek assistance from state governments in this area to make RERA more effective and provide a meaningful redress mechanism to homebuyers.

The authorities made this decision during the meeting of the Central Advisory Council (CAC).

While RERA authorities issue orders to developers for compensation and interest to homeowners, many of these orders are not being followed.

Homebuyers have expressed worry about the non-enforcement of these directives, and the authorities have come under pressure.

Sagarmala Programme has 1537 projects worth ₹6.5 lakh crores: Shipping Ministry

The Shipping Ministry has expanded the number of Sagarmala Programme projects to 1537. Thus bringing the total value to ₹6.5 lakh crores. The National Sagarmala Apex Committee (NSAC) made this decision.

Shipping Minister Sarbananda Sonowal told that the new Sagarmala initiative would also place a greater emphasis on the overall development of coastal districts.

He also said that the Sagarmala programme has 802 projects now worth ₹5.5 lakh crores. Moreover, scheduled to complete by 2035.

Further, he said, another 200 projects totalling ₹2.12 lakh crores are under development and expected to finish in two years.

According to Sonawal, traffic handled at major ports for the fiscal year 2021-22 increased by 6.94% over the previous year.

Gadkari says India tries to construct 18,000 km of highways by 2023

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari stated that the government is dedicated to extending the national highway network across the country. And to construct 18,000 km of highways in 2022-23. With a record speed of 50 km per day.

Gadkari also said that the government’s main goal is to build 2 lakh kilometres of the National Highway Network by 2025.

The road transport and roads minister emphasised the need of creating world-class road infrastructure in a time-bound and goal-oriented manner.

India’s national highway building slowed to 28.64 kilometres per day in 2021-22. That is due to the COVID-19 pandemic-related interruptions and a longer-than-usual monsoon in some regions.

7 Gigawatts renewable energy manufacturing plant to be set up by Acme Solar in Tamil Nadu

Acme Solar Holdings Ltd plans to invest $6 billion in a 7 gigawatts (GW) renewable energy and green ammonia manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu.

Acme Solar is the only Indian promoter-owned big green energy platform with 8.5 GW of operating and under-development projects. They are in exploratory discussions for cooperation on the megaproject.

“The negotiations for integrated plants are in their early stages,” according to the article from Livemint.

India has set a target of 5 million tonnes (mt) of green hydrogen by 2030. Thus, this would assist to strengthen India’s geopolitical clout and be a game-changer for the country’s energy security.

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