India Ranks Second in Travel Confidence:’s APAC Travel Confidence Index

APAC Travel Confidence Index

Despite economic challenges, India has emerged as a country with highly confident travellers, according to’s 2023 edition of the APAC Travel Confidence Index (TCI). The report sheds light on the mindset of Asia-Pacific travellers and the influence of global uncertainties on their travel decisions. India ranks second in travel confidence among the 11 APAC markets surveyed, following Hong Kong and preceding China, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Optimism and Travel Plans:

Despite complex global challenges, a remarkable 86% of Indian travellers express optimism about their future travel plans. Moreover, 61% have no intention of delaying their travel in the next 12 months, and 59% plan to maintain or increase the number of trips they take. Additionally, 68% intend to increase their travel expenditure budget for the upcoming year.

Distinct Travel Behaviours:

Indian travellers showcase unique travel behaviours, particularly in their approach to itinerary planning and their emphasis on food experiences. More than half (57%) prefer a planned itinerary and make pre-bookings for accommodations, activities, and dining. Additionally, 60% consider access to Indian food essential when deciding on travel plans.

Domestic Travel Preferences:

Indian travellers have a strong preference for exploring their own country, with 43% prioritizing domestic travel. Among the desired domestic destinations, North India (71%), South India (60%), and West India (41%) are the top choices.

Travel Motivators:

Apart from seeking relaxation and rejuvenation (57%), Indian travellers are motivated by a desire to learn about their travel destinations (34%) and engage in local culture (26%). Discounted travel is also a significant motivator, with 39% planning trips around travel discounts and deals, 38% opting for off-peak seasons, and 36% taking advantage of staying with friends or family to save on costs.


India’s position as the second most confident country in terms of travel reflects the optimism and enthusiasm among Indian travellers. The preference for sustainable travel and the desire to explore the country’s diverse regions indicate a thriving future for the travel sector.

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