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China's Social Compact

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Complex Narrative of China’s Evolving Social Compact

Over the years, an oversimplified narrative has been woven around the relationship between China’s Communist Party and its populace, portraying a transactional agreement between rulers and subjects. In this rendition, citizens, ranging from labourers to urban middle classes, were deemed to disengage from political discourse in exchange for opportunities within China’s burgeoning economy. This narrative, while dismissive of the citizenry’s political involvement, has overlooked the multifaceted ambitions of China’s Communist Party.

Xi Jinping’s Transformative Leadership

Since ascending to power 11 years ago, Xi Jinping has reshaped the party’s priorities. His approach diverges from the economic-centric focus, reinstating a stringent, top-down form of politics as a central facet of daily life. This recalibration has yielded notable success, particularly among citizens born after 1990, who’ve experienced China’s continuous ascent in wealth and influence. A growing number of them attribute China’s success to its resolute one-party system.

Pandemic’s Gift to Party Ideologues

The COVID-19 pandemic served as a powerful tool for party ideologues to bolster their narrative of Chinese exceptionalism. Propaganda emphasized contrasting images of China’s disciplined response against perceived Western disorder and chaos. Such content resonated with many Chinese citizens, reinforcing the notion that the party’s governance was pivotal in the nation’s resilience.

Shifts Towards Self-Reliance and Defiance

Amid these ideological campaigns, Xi Jinping has advocated for self-reliance and resilience in the face of foreign adversaries. He has framed China’s resurgence as a global power, positioning it against a hostile West led by the United States. Such rhetoric, while fostering unity, also classifies dissenting voices as internal threats. This tactic sidelines opposing views, casting them as jeopardizing the nation’s stability.

Unveiling the Confidence Crisis

A revealing essay by Chinese scholars Fu Yu and Gui Yong exposes a crisis of confidence among the younger generation. The study focuses on post-1990s Chinese individuals, uncovering a dissonance between their patriotic fervour, high expectations of leadership, and the grim reality of societal inequality. A society marked by stark disparities has driven disillusionment, leading some to view a strong state as essential to curbing “evil” private capital.

Unravelling Trust Amidst Challenges

Compounding these internal shifts, China faced challenges as its zero-covid policy faltered and obscured large numbers of COVID-19-related deaths. This series of events has further eroded public confidence and exposed vulnerabilities in the narrative of party supremacy.

Complex Narratives and Uncertain Trajectories

China’s socio-political landscape is intricate and evolving, encompassing a spectrum of perspectives and disillusionment. Xi Jinping’s recalibrated narrative, once a source of strength, now faces scepticism. The delicate interplay between governance, aspirations, and reality underscores the intricate dynamics at play within China’s evolving social compact.

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