Global Cities for High Earnings and Low Living Costs

Low Living Costs

The experts at Workyard undertook a comprehensive analysis, delving into data from 20 diverse global cities worldwide. Their goal was to uncover locales where individuals can earn substantial incomes while maintaining reasonable living expenses encompassing rent, sustenance, and utilities. The study leveraged information sourced from government labour databases, juxtaposing the average monthly income of each city with its corresponding average monthly living expenditures for the year 2023. The resultant compilation illuminates cities that provide an appealing proposition for those seeking a lifestyle marked by substantial earnings and economical living.

Kuwait: The Pinnacle of Affordability

According to the latest figures from July 2023, Kuwait emerges as the global leader in affordability. With an average monthly income of approximately $6,199 and remarkably low living costs amounting to around $752.70, individuals in Kuwait retain a substantial portion of their earnings after catering to basic necessities. This exceptional balance between income and expenses positions Kuwait as an unmatched contender for the most affordable city.

Abu Dhabi and Riyadh: Following Suit

Securing the second spot on this list, Abu Dhabi boasts a monthly average income of $7,154, while living costs hover around $873.10. Similarly, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia ranks third, offering an average monthly income of $6,245, counterbalanced by living costs amounting to $814.90.

Dubai, Sharjah, and Beyond: Global Perspectives

Dubai and Sharjah clinch the fourth and fifth positions, with residents pocketing $7,118 and $5,229 monthly, respectively. Living expenses in these cities amount to $1,007 and $741.30 each month. Venturing beyond the Middle East, Melbourne in Australia emerges as an attractive option, with an average monthly income of $7,312 and living costs approximating $1,079.20. Oslo, Norway, echoes this sentiment, presenting a Nordic haven with residents earning around $7,543 a month while spending about $1,121.50 on living expenses.

Metropolitan Centers: A Balancing Act

Urban hubs like London and San Francisco secure the eighth and ninth spots. Their residents enjoy monthly earnings of $8,411 and $9,249, respectively. Nonetheless, these cities exhibit slightly higher living costs, standing at $1,260.80 and $1,440.10 per month. Switzerland’s Zurich rounds out the top ten, where residents accumulate an average monthly income of $9,222 and allocate approximately $1,815.20 towards living costs.

New York’s Quandary

In an intriguing twist, New York grapples with the most delicate equilibrium between income and living expenses. Despite an average monthly income of roughly $4,205, New Yorkers grapple with elevated living costs that amount to a considerable $1,448. This juxtaposition underscores the notable disparities in the interplay between earnings and living costs across global cities.

In essence, this analysis underscores the profound variations in the nexus between income and living costs across different cities worldwide. While some locales offer the allure of handsome incomes coupled with modest living expenditures, others present a more intricate equation. Whether contemplating a relocation or indulging in daydreams of a new abode, these cities merit consideration as potential havens for a balanced lifestyle.

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