Do You Know? 5 Common Smartphone Mistakes

Smartphone usage mistakes

The smartphone is a word not really used but operated much worldwide. Nearly 5.7 billion smartphone users are on this planet. But, do you know that you are using it correctly? Whenever you take the smartphone, you constantly doubt your privacy—subtle fear of using it; however, you still use it daily. There is the fact that approximately every 4 minutes, cyberbullying affects a person in India. Because of your common smartphone mistakes, most cybercrimes occurred. So, in this blog, you will learn about how to reduce the significant errors of your daily smartphone usage.

Do not install third-party apps

Third-party apps are the applications that are not available in the Google Play Store or App Store. Some websites help to download these third-party apps. Google or Apple acknowledges every app that is available in the Play Store or App Store is virus-free. These are trusted to be virus-free by the developers. But, for the downloaded apps from unknown websites, you are the sole responsible for the consequences. The point is, that every downloaded app from the outsources is not harmful. But, you should be aware of what you are downloading and what it takes from you. Then, What is the fault that you do commonly?

For example, to download a third-party app, you are asked to allow permission to install through unknown source installations from your browser. But, after you download a third-party app, you may forget to disallow the unknown source installations. That may lead to auto-download anonymous apps from your browsers. And, you might not know that any apps have been downloaded unknowingly. If you are fully aware of an app that can only be downloaded through an outsource, disallow the unknown source installations after downloading.

To disallow the installation, Go to Settings/ Security/ Unknown Source Installations. Here, you can deselect the apps you have allowed unknown source installations. If you are not aware, these apps may corrupt your phone and access your data and privacy.

Android web browsers - smartphone mistakes

Do Not use the default browser

Android smartphone users are generally using Chrome as their default browser. As Google preinstalls the Chrome browser in your android smartphone, everyone starts to use this browser daily. But, the Chrome browser has some issues that may offend your privacy and data. For example, to login into any of your social media, some may have the habit of saving an account password. If you are one of them, then immediately remove those passwords. And in some rare situations, you may show something to others in your browser, but that may lead to seeing your saved passwords.

Or, if your device is weak in security because of not updating it, the hackers can easily access your Chrome browser and extract the data. But, saved passwords are not only the case for changing your default browser. Usually, the Chrome browser drags more power and slows down your device. Google also tries your track your data for their targeted ads. So, avoid such complications, try to use a better browser like Brave, Firefox, et cetera. For any situation have to be ready. If you are willing to change your default browser, Go to Settings/ App Management/ Default Apps/ Browser App. Now, you can select your newly downloaded secured app.

update your device

The applications you are using must be updated on date. Not updating your apps is one of the significant errors most people are making. Not all of them, but some are hesitant to download the app updates for data saving. From my point of view, this is a foolish play. The app updates that given by the developers is because the apps may be buggy or prone to threatening virus. So, check whether the apps are up to date and update regularly. To check out the updated apps, Go to Play Store/ Profile Picture/ Manage Apps and device/ Update Apps. The usage of non-updated apps may slow down your phone or consume more power.

Merely the app update will not make your device safe; you also have to check your security patch update. Because your device may be prone to virus attacks and security breaches, these security patch updates help keep your device fast and healthy. Go to Settings, then Software Update to check the device updates. Here, if you come across a system update, wait for a few days and check out the online sources that this system update leads to some issues and then update it. It’s not a very significant mistake, but it may be a safer side for a system update. Alike, security patch update, system update also shows in the same setting option.

app permissions

App permissions are the major mistake you have to be keen on in smartphone usage. Even though your app is acknowledged by Google, and downloaded from Play Store, you should know what the app is? And what are the permissions it going to ask for? For example, if you have downloaded a simple arcade game and asked permission to access your camera. That seems odd, right? Then, here is where you have to think.

Why a game wants access to your camera? Then, immediately check out your app permissions. To check out the app permissions, Go to Settings/ App Management/ App Permissions. Here, you can quickly check and change your app permissions for every category. Choose wisely your permissions and use your device safely.

Power off

A recent study reveals that an average human being uses their smartphone for 4.2 hours straight a day in this pandemic situation; this is a 30% increase from before the pandemic. Here the case is not about your lifestyle condition. But, this is also one of the notable facts.

Over usage of the smartphone, leads may eye problems and mental depression. Now, on the point, you should give some rest to your device. If you are running your device for the whole day, the device will be jam-packed with cache memories and background running apps. Finally, this weakens and slows down the smartphone.


Smartphone users are increasing daily, and smartphone usage has become more significant in this pandemic situation. However, the smartphone is used for many essential purposes, it also has some drawbacks. And the users must be aware of it. So, use the smartphone productively and securely.

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