Cybercrime – All you need to know for your security

Cyber Crime

In the millennial generation, the most common crime all over the world is Cyber Crime. Recently, cybercrime reporting has increased due to playing BGMI, and the millennials are the most affected people in India. Some YouTubers are using abusive words while streaming games and these YouTubers’ major audience are under 18 years. Unfortunately, these kids couldn’t realize that these are prejudicial to their personal life and society. Most of the cybercrimes are unknown to the affected people because of no knowledge of cybercrimes to the public. So, it is important to know about cybercrime.

Origin of Cybercrime

In the 21st century, Network booming is the most rapidly developing sector worldwide. Around the globe, total internet users are 6.8 billion. And today’s many online jobs replaced offline jobs. During this pandemic, the gap between online jobs and offline jobs drastically increased. After the boom of social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc., these media became massive advertising platforms rather than connecting people. And the path to being attacked and steal your data by hackers.

What is Cyber Crime?

Online data theft, hacking, illegal drug dealing, phishing, child pornography, cyberbullying (i.e.) every illegal activity that happened online, recognized to be types of cybercrime. And the most common cybercrime is online data theft. Every single hour, nearly 1250 websites are under cyberattack. Every single minute, 2340 cyber-attacks are happening worldwide. Do you know how many cyber-attacks happened during this pandemic? Nearly 4 million cyber-attacks around the globe and countless hackers emerged in this pandemic. These cyber-attacks threatened many corporates doing business online. Unfortunately, many children have been distressed by cyberbullying through YouTube and Instagram.

Cybercrime cases

To illustrate, YouTube banned an American YouTuber LeafyIsHere, Calvin Lee Vail for body-shaming another YouTube content creator. Before realizing that it’s wrong, many young generations love to watch these epitomes of videos. Another incident in India has happened as cyberbullying, in Instagram, a group called BoisLockerRoom, started by a Delhi guy. In this group, they were sharing morphed underage girls’ photos and bawdy messages. The admin was under arrest by the POCSO (Protection of Child Sexual Abuse) act. In India, this POCSO act states that if any photos or videos which are explicitly illustrated and shared online will be sentenced to imprisonment for 5 years. These incidents are increasing by reason misusing the freedom of speech.

Cyber attacks

Researches and Surveys About Cybercrime

In research in Taiwan, in the years between 2002-2004, the most typical cyber-crimes in the gaming industry are cyber theft. These thefts are targeting people between the age of 15-25 because of the illiterateness of hacking and phishing. Kids and youngsters are easily falling into the trap. In research, they reported that there are high behavioural changes in children through social media and gaming. In India, a survey was conducted on the adults in 1572 cities, in that 80% of people were affected by physical and mental illness and 76% of people behavioural changes. And, 73% of adults say that the habitual genre played by their kids is adventurous and shooting games. And, these games are highly influencing their capricious behaviour. Identical to games, social media also manipulates many individuals’ psychological changes.

In research, the report says the child abuse is befalling due to 58% child pornography. Even more regretting fact is, in this pandemic, under-aged pornographic viewers increased to 95% globally. In this, 76.6% of viewers don’t even know the negative impacts of this pornography.

In a survey conducted in the highest network traffic country America, 80% of people had disturbed due to mental illness while using social media for more than 3 hours. The social media users who are in the age of 12-17 are having 13% depression, 32% anxiety as their mental problems. And, in the same survey, cyberbullying affected 59%, due to their name use in an offensive manner 42% had affected. Moreover, 32% of people had affected by rumours spread about them.

Cybercrime Jobs

People must know about the jobs and show more interest in the field as much as to know about cybercrime. Today, computer-related jobs are booming around the world. And high waged jobs come under this category. Likewise, cybercrime investigator jobs are increasing in demand, and their need is necessary for this information technology era.

A cybercrime detective focuses solely on cyber, or internet-based, crimes. A cybercrime detective investigates a wide range of crimes, from restoring file systems on hacked or destroyed computers to investigating crimes against minors. Furthermore, cybercrime detectives recover digital information that may use in criminal prosecution. After gathering the appropriate digital information, cybercrime detectives create reports to present in court.

Cybercrime detectives may also work with major organisations to examine existing security measures. Authorities do this by attempting various methods of hacking into the corporation’s networked computers.

What is Cybercrime Investigator?

A cybercrime detective is a highly skilled and professionally trained investigator of cyberattacks. These investigators are in high demand in both the commercial and public sectors because they possess the expertise required to solve today’s sophisticated cybercrimes.

Every year, companies spend a lump sum amount of money on fixing hacked systems. Some knockdown critical systems, interrupting and even completely incapacitating the operations of hospitals, banks, and emergency call centres across the country. The cybercrime investigator collects the information required to prevent cybercriminals from carrying out their illicit operations.

The majority of cybercrime detectives work for law and order departments, consultancy businesses, or corporate and financial firms. White hat hackers can be recruited as full-time or freelance cybercrime detectives in some situations. While typically delivering penetration testing (pen testing) services, the investigator’s objective in this capacity is to assess the defences of a given network or digital system. The goal is to identify vulnerabilities or other security flaws that might ex by actual attackers.


You would have known more about cybercrimes and cyberbullying after the researches and surveys results done on internet users. In cyberspace, collecting data by the corporates comprehensively destroyed privacy. Every search done by internet users is monitored by someone in this world. In this pandemic, every child moved to a situation to live and learn online. The parents must be aware of what their children are surfing online. The parents must give some space to their children to share their thoughts and have a friendly relationship to know about the consequences they are facing in the online world. That’s the only way to reduce the cyberbullying that transpired in society.

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