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Solar Roof Top Initiative

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Chennai Metro Rail’s Solar Roof Top Initiative

Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has unveiled a significant stride towards sustainability through an initiative for rooftop solar projects with a collective capacity of 5.74 MW. These solar installations are slated to be integrated into CMRL’s Phase 1 and Phase 1 Extension areas within the city. Embracing the renewable energy service company (RESCO) model, the project is poised to infuse environmentally conscious practices into the metro’s infrastructure.

Key Tender Details and Timeline

With a bid submission deadline set for September 11, 2023, CMRL has charted a clear roadmap for this solar endeavour. Following bid submission, the ensuing day will witness the unveiling of the bids, showcasing the commitment of stakeholders towards this progressive initiative. The project’s scope encapsulates a comprehensive array of responsibilities, ranging from design, engineering, manufacturing, and supply to storage, civil construction, erection of structures, testing, commissioning, and vigilant operation and maintenance (O&M) oversight for a substantial 25-year period.

Flexibility in Capacity and Strategic Location

An element of flexibility has been ingeniously woven into the project, allowing bidders to propose a capacity within a range of approximately 25% of the overarching planned capacity of 5.74 MW. This latitude grants the potential to optimize capacity at specific locales, accommodating capacity adjustments or project relocations as deemed strategic.

Financial Parameters and Obligations

The estimated project value, excluding GST, has been tabulated at Rs 250 million ($3 million). Bidders are entrusted with the responsibility of furnishing a non-refundable bid submission fee, inclusive of GST at Rs 32,000. Additionally, an earnest money deposit (EMD) of Rs 2.5 million must be submitted, underscoring the commitment of potential stakeholders. Upon selection, the chosen bidder is expected to furnish a performance bank guarantee within one month of receiving the allocation letter.

Transformative Metro Expansion and Collaborations

Amidst its renewable energy endeavours, CMRL continues its transformative expansion initiatives. Notably, an 8-kilometre underground stretch is under construction, connecting the Lighthouse metro to the Kodambakkam flyover within Phase-II’s Corridor-4. A forthcoming milestone is set for September, with the deployment of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) named Flamingo. This TBM will delve underground at Marina Beach, carving out a tunnel for Phase II of Chennai Metro. Furthermore, CMRL has inked a significant contract worth Rs 1,063 crore for the construction of metro stations within Phase 2’s corridor-3. This collaboration, propelled by funding from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), underscores CMRL’s commitment to advancing the city’s metro infrastructure while embracing sustainable practices.

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