Canada’s High-Frequency Rail Project Advances with Three Shortlisted Consortia

Canada's High-Frequency Rail

Canada’s ambitious High-Frequency Rail Project has reached a significant milestone as three high-profile consortia have been shortlisted to advance to the Request for Proposals stage. The project aims to revolutionize inter-city transport in Canada by providing clean, safe, and efficient rail services, supporting economic growth and fostering relations with indigenous communities.

Shortlisted Consortia: The three consortia moving forward in the procurement process are:

  1. Cadence: Comprising CDPQ Infra, SNC-Lavalin, Systra Canada, and Keolis Canada.
  2. Intercity Rail Developers: Made up of Intercity Development Partners, EllisDon Capital, Kilmer Transportation, and other renowned companies.
  3. QConnexiON Rail Partners: Including Fengate, John Laing, Bechtel, WSP Canada, and Deutsche Bahn.

The Next Phase:

These shortlisted groups have until September to submit their Request for Proposals, presenting technically and commercially feasible solutions, business plans, and management plans for the co-development, construction, and operations of the project.

Driving Sustainability and Carbon Reduction:

The High-Frequency Rail Project aligns with Canada’s long-term commitments to reduce carbon emissions and enhance sustainability. By providing a dedicated passenger railway between major cities like Toronto and Québec City, the project aims to significantly decrease car travel and increase rail usage, freeing up capacity for more rail freight.

Cost Management and Indigenous Engagement:

The Canadian government is implementing a robust cost management strategy to ensure efficiency and value for money throughout all project phases. Early engagement with indigenous communities also underscores the project’s commitment to advancing reconciliation and creating socio-economic opportunities for indigenous peoples.

High-Frequency Rail for Improved Connectivity:

While not intended as a high-speed rail service, the High-Frequency Rail Project will substantially reduce journey times between cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Montréal. The design phase will explore the feasibility of incorporating high-speed sections where benefits justify the costs.

Looking Ahead:

The High-Frequency Rail Project is on track, gaining momentum, and poised to transform intercity passenger rail travel. With the goal of enhancing sustainability and connectivity, the project represents a significant leap towards a cleaner and more efficient transportation future for Canada.

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