BGMI: Things you need to know before playing

BGMI - Battle Grounds Mobile India

India’s sensation PUBG re-entered the mobile gaming industry in the brand-new name of BattleGrounds Mobile India (BGMI). The most awaited mobile BGMI has initially released on 17th June 2021 and gradually rolled out to the pre-registered users who applied for early access. BattleGrounds Mobile India launched on 20th August 2021. Krafton Inc. published Battle Grounds Mobile India after many internal security policy issues transpired from the predecessor PUBG. In this post, you could experience the exciting things in this new battle royale game.

How to Download BGMI?

Go to Play Store / Search BGMI / Install the game.

After installing the game, you can access the game via Twitter, Facebook, or Google Play account. There are minor differences between PUBG and BGMI, but there are some comprehensive health precautionary instructions while opening the game. And reminding us that this survival simulation game is a virtual world, so don’t fall deeply into it.

The download size of BGMI is around 650-700 MB on Google Play Store with an additional 620 MB of data resources. So be aware of your mobile data usage before downloading the game.


It has all the maps present in the global version featuring diverse maps with different terrains in a virtual setting. It utilizes the maximum capabilities of realistic gaming visuals. You get additional maps in TDM, and also Battle Royale has 7-8 different maps. There are 5 Classic maps – Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Karakin (New), and Livik (Beta). In Arena, there are six maps – Warehouse, Town, Library, Inventory, Ruins, and Hangar (New). The New Karakin Map unlock at Level 5. The Karakin map is 2km x 2km in size with virtually recreates the island off the coast of North Africa.

The overall data size of all maps will comprise around 2 to 2.5 GB with graphics data. You can download maps individually according to your preference.

BGMI map

Differences Between BGMI and PUBG

In PUBG, if you kill your opponent, it shows as “kills,” but the word had replaced with “finishes” in BGMI. That may be an initiative to reduce the violence among gamers in India. However, this slight change can make a big difference in the player mind.

When you are shooting your opponent, the hit effect or blood effect is yellow/green/light green instead of red colour. And, the blood spread illustrated to be as green feathers floating around your opponent body while you are shooting your opponent. You can change this colour between any of these 3 in the Effect Settings in the Setting menu. The gameplay is quite responsive and snappy than PUBG in the initial stages. Furthermore, many bots are there in the game.

How to data transfer from a PUBG account?

Every PUBG lover has awaited the answer to this question, Can I account data transfer from PUBG account to BGMI? Due to the ban of PUBG in India, the purchases, rewards, and UC spent on the game disappeared suddenly. Will there be any chance of retrieving their old data from PUBG to BGMI? The answer is undoubted YES! You can use Facebook, Twitter accounts, etc., and restore your previous data. So, to restore the data, you have to reach a certain level.

You have created a new account with a new Google Play account, no worries! You can data transfer your account by clicking Account Transfer in the Settings menu. Here, you have to provide your consent for the data transfer. Click Yes, and login into the account from the account to be recovered.

Similarly, the global version, BGMI, also has Season 19 ongoing, and they haven’t reset it to Season 1. We’ll have to see if there are any new changes when it’s available to the public.

Is there any chance for BGMI ban?

China recorded the data collected from the game resulted in the ban of PUBG in India. India demanded the publisher that the data collected from India must be stored in the Indian server and not in any foreign countries. Thus Krafton company decided to create a new server for India and branded the new game into BGMI. They re-released the beta version of Indian Server PUBG in June 2021.

Now, BGMI falls into trouble because of the same issue they experienced with the ban of PUBG. Specifically, after some research of BGMI, CAIT (The Confederation of All India Traders) reports that the user data from India receiving to China Mobiles Communications servers in Beijing, China, which demands an immediate ban on BGMI in India. CAIT epitomizes BGMI as a PUBG remake. So far, there is no legal statement issued from BGMI or Krafton Inc. Thus, there may be chances of a BGMI ban (PUBG remake) in India.


Even though, after a long break of PUBG in India, Krafton released an Indian Server BGMI, they failed to resolve the norms demanded by the Indian Government. BGMI is undoubtedly an extravagant game, but the disputes claimed by CAIT in BGMI must be rectified for the ‘IndiaKaBattleGrounds’ fans.

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