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Assassin’s Creed is one of the best open-world game franchises in the gaming industry. Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed characters have a separate fan base all over the world. Assassin’s Creed has 12 main series games and 12 spin-off titles which have been released on various platforms. The players love the character’s design because of the different styles of weapons and costumes, which were iconic in the whole gaming industry. Every assassin has a unique story, costume, weapons, style, attitude, and much more. Here, we have categorized the playable Assassin’s Creed characters based on their portrayals in the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

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What can be more intriguing than Vikings in this world roaming? The fierce warriors once walked around the lands of today’s Europe; who else can be. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla brings to us the kingdom of Vikings and their invasion of Britain’s soil. Setting the plot period between 872 A.D to 878 A.D, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s open-world experience, is structured along with various story arcs and events. They made the player set foot on unknown grounds through Eivor Varinsdottir and allow us to decide whether the character should be male or female. Despite the gender, the story doesn’t show any significant variations.


Eivor Varinsdottir can be male or female, but whoever it is doesn’t matter if he/ she going to take us into the Viking wars, every player is desperate in looking forward to it. Viking age of Norsemen during the medieval period engage in colonization and invasion throughout Europe. Scandinavia was the homeland of Vikings, and these seafaring Norse warriors migrated from their homeland to invade various parts of the Mediterranean to North America. Viking Age can be applied to all these places where Scandinavians significantly settled. Eivor Varinsdottir guides us through the land and waters of Scandinavian colonial settlements. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla takes us to historical events like the battle of Chippenham and mythological events like Ragnarök. Valhalla brings the lively characters of Norse gods such as Odin, Loki, Thor, and heavenly places Asgard, Jötunheimr, and Yggdrasil. Valhalla’s history reminds us past of King Harald, King Alfred of Wessex.

Early Life

Eivor Varinsdottir was born in Norway to the village shield maiden of the Raven clan adopted by King Styr Bjorn Sigvaldisson after her parents were murdered by the Wolf clan. She was raised to be a warrior and devoted herself to a Viking clan chief. Eivor was personalized as a courageous woman with a great strategic mind master. Eivor skilled fighter capable of defeating the human-sized enemy to the goliath-sized and also skilled free runner. Her eagle vision is replaced with Raven’s eyes and visualizes the entire location. Her vengeance against the Raven clan to avenge her parent’s death made her lone wolf roam around England.

Why he’s in the list?

Vikings were at the peak of their reign and colonization. The mysterious signal leads the assassins to present-day England, where they explore the life of a lone raider among the Vikings. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla brings back the settlement development after a long time in the series. Naval combat comes back in the series. Eivor fighting skills in both land and waters take the game to a new level.

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Egypt means mystery; can we call it that way. Yeah! Mummies, hieroglyphics, pyramids, Nile river civilization. Assassin’s Creed Origins brought back the glory of Ancient Egypt and Ptolemaic reign in front of you. After Assassin’s Creed 2, this made the player a genuine experience of the open-world a game exploring vast Egyptian desert, waters, and cities. Ubisoft doesn’t want you to roam all over Egypt on foot. They have plenty of options for you to explore both land and underwater around Egypt because they don’t want to stop you at the waterfront and stare at it.


Bayek of Siwa, being the key protagonist in the most popular tenth instalment of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Assassin’s Creed Origins made a new playground where Bayek of Siwa roams all around the Egyptian soil. Vengeance-struck soul moves to develop his emotions put him forward to founding a brotherhood calling themselves as Hidden ones. Later after centuries re-establishing them as Assassins. This order is the beginning of Assassin’s Brotherhood created the legends like Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad, Ezio Auditore da Firenze and more. Playing the character in the enthralling world and also meeting the historical characters of the game like Apollodorus, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Marcus Brutus, and Cassius Longinus makes it mo fascinating.

Early Life

Bayek was born and brought up in a small village Siwa, calling him Bayek of Siwa, and trained to be a Medjay to protect the people of Egypt. After killing his son accidentally that orchestrated by masked men. He wanted revenge and started going after them, tracing every masked man who finally leads to the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. In the way, he allied with Cleopatra, later turned against her by acts. Bayek, along with his wife, founded Hidden ones and expanded to the Sinai Peninsula.

The declining Egyptian empire fascinated the players to explore hidden mysteries along with skilled Bayek. With a flying predator, Eagle vision is in every respect reimagined. This game combines all the best parts of the previous versions of Assassin’s Creed.

Why he’s in the list?

Bayek is characterized as a light-hearted person and, at the same time, preys on predators of the week. Equipment and skills are highly improved with free-roaming and the introduction of various weapons, and attacking multiple targets is Assassin’s Creed Origins’ new skill tree. Bayek showed who is the true Assassin in the way he uses a hidden blade and stealth skills. No one wants to miss it.

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If you love to play or know about Assassin’s Creed, you would undoubtedly know about this game. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, one of the top-selling games of 2013, won several notable awards and nominations. One of the favourite open-world games of 2013 with a theme of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Meanwhile, this was the only open-world game where we can ride anywhere and combat with the ship, which was interesting among the streamers.

Early Life

The most stylish pirate Assassin, Edward James Kenway was born on 10 March 1693 in Swansea, Wales, England. He was born to the couple, an English sheep farmer Bernard and a Welsh mother, Lynette Kenway. He lived in the ‘Age of Piracy’ where his greed made him a pirate for gold, glory, and fame. Under some circumstances, he had to decide whether he wanted to join Assassins or Templars; he chose to join the Assassins.

After he joined the British Royal Navy, he quested to station in West Indies to end the War of the Spanish Succession. Then joined as a member of the Assassins to terminate the Templars’ order, fight with the British, and Assassins captured many forts around the Caribbean Sea. He then returned to Britain, joined the British Brotherhood of Assassins, quickly rising to the rank of Master Assassin, gradually to Leader. Kenway kept the adventures and research experienced through his travel in a journal called “Edward Kenway’s Journal,” where he has written about the First Civilisation.

Why he’s in the list?

Most fans enjoyed Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag mainly because of the pirate theme. If you had liked the protagonist in the movie ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean,’ you would definitely love this character. Edward Kenway indirectly impersonates the famous character ‘Jack Sparrow’ like in the movie. Moreover, the naval combat seems to be attention-grabbing for the players to engage in the game. Of course, he is one of the most stylish Assassin’s Creed characters in this game series.

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Ezio Auditore da Firenze, one of the favourite characters and the only playable assassin character appears in 3 main series games in the whole Assassin’s Creed franchise. The rise of the Assassin’s Creed franchise is because of the vast success of the story plot of Ezio Auditore, the protagonist of Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood, and Revelations.

Early Life

Ezio Auditore was born in Firenze (a.k.a Florence), Italy on 24 June 1459. He is the second eldest child of the Italian couple Giovanni and Maria Auditore. He lived in the age of the Renaissance, where the world-famous artist Leonardo da Vinci. As a member of Auditore, he wasn’t known about his assassin lineage until the execution of his father and two brothers by the Templars, the antagonist of Assassins.

After the wisdom of the Assassin’s order, he quested for vengeance against the Templar order and became the Master Assassin and the Mentor of the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins. He is the one who united the pages of the codex written by Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad. Finally, he mentored the Chinese Assassin Shao Jun and rested in peace in his birthplace.

Why he’s in the list?

The weapons he used, the way of assassination, free-running styles, elegant parkour, and the unique chronicling of his entire life reached the game worldwide. Eventually, made him the franchise’s face. Ezio’s characterization was the breakthrough for the main series’ colossal reach, making him on the list of best-portrayed Assassin’s Creed characters in this franchise.

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The dawn of the Assassin’s Creed series kicked off with the legendary Assassin; Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad was one of the oldest ‘Assassins’ in this franchise. This series made a huge hype among the streamers because of the uniquely different story plots related to real-time events. Ubisoft wanted to make a sequel for Prince of Persia. But, finally ended up with a new game series called “Assassin’s Creed”. Hence, the game plot of the first game in this franchise has some historic Islamic events.

Early Life

The legendary Assassin, Altaïr, was born in Masyaf, Syria (one of the operational centres of ‘Levantine Brotherhood of Assassins’) on 11 January 1165 to Inter-Religion Assassin parents: An Islamic father, Umar Ibn-La’Ahad, and a Christian mother, Maud. He lived in the period where the great historic event ‘Third Crusades’ happened. And also portrayed as the secret Assassin who halted the invasion of Genghis Khan.

During his travels, he came to know about the artefact called Apple of Eden. Made by the highly- advanced species of humanoid beings named Isu. With the help of the Apple of Eden, he gained more knowledge and made several discoveries and innovations. In fact, he is the one who changed the Assassin’s order and designed the remarkable unique weapon called ‘Hidden blades’ under his sleeves. Altogether, he wrote an autobiographical adventure where he mentioned assassination techniques and knowledge in a book called ‘Codex’.

Why he’s in the list?

The massive success of this series was solely responsible for the initiation of a uniquely different story plot. The plot merges a more fictional storyline with real-time events like filling up the void of a historical event giving the enormous compliment for the success of the game for the continuation of the series. Thus, Altair proves to be one of the best portrayed Assassin’s Creed characters with no plot holes in the storyline.

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