Action-RPG Atlas Fallen Unveils Exciting Combat Mechanics in New Trailer

Atlas Fallen

Deck13’s highly-anticipated action RPG, Atlas Fallen, is set to release next month, captivating fans with its dynamic combat system reminiscent of Devil May Cry. The latest combat trailer, released by Focus Entertainment, showcases the innovative Momentum system and the protagonist’s versatile divine artifact gauntlet, which manipulates the sand-covered world.

Versatile Divine Artifact Gauntlet:

Atlas Fallen introduces players to a unique “divine artifact” gauntlet, empowered with the ability to shape the surrounding sand. This versatile weapon serves both offensive and defensive purposes, and players can customize it to suit their preferred combat style. Equipped with two main weapons simultaneously, players can seamlessly switch between them during battles to unleash powerful combos. Weapons also evolve and grow in size and lethality as the combat progresses.

Momentum System:

Balancing Risk and Reward One of the core features in Atlas Fallen’s combat is the Momentum system, an energy meter that players must carefully manage. Utilizing Momentum allows players to perform special attacks and trigger various effects, increasing the strength of their weapons. However, there’s a catch—higher Momentum levels also make players more susceptible to damage. Thus, mastering the art of balancing Momentum becomes crucial to success in battles.

Customization through Essence Stones:

Character customization plays a significant role in Atlas Fallen, and Momentum is intricately tied to this aspect. Players can collect over 150 essence stones, each granting access to unique attacks and techniques. By strategically employing these essence stones, players can tailor their combat style to match their preferences and tactics.

Release Date and Platform Availability of Atlas Fallen:

Atlas Fallen is set to launch on August 10 and will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, promising an exhilarating action-RPG experience for fans of the genre.

Atlas Fallen’s latest combat trailer has ignited excitement among action-RPG enthusiasts, showcasing its engaging Momentum system and the potential of the divine artifact gauntlet. With its promising combat mechanics and character customization options, Deck13’s upcoming game is poised to captivate players when it releases next month.

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