10 Most Interesting Legendary Pokémon

Interesting Legendary Pokémon

Pokémon, the word derived from ‘pocket monster’ had created by Japanese game designer Satoshi Tajiri in 1995. Pokémon have said to be the highest-grossing media franchise ever with estimated revenue of 100 billion US dollars. The Pokémon series starts with the Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum as the main protagonist who follows Pokémon to catch them, train, and make them fight for him. Every Pokémon fan remembers the motto ‘Gotta catch ém all!’ said famously by Ash Ketchum. Here are some 10 Most Interesting Legendary Pokémon.


National Pokédex number – 151

Height – 1′-4″

Type – Psychic

Mew is the generation-1 and psychic type Pokémon with physiology pinkish cat-like body form with a long tail, blue eyes, and three-toe-long feet. DNA of Mew has composed of every gene of Pokémon that exists. Mew has said to be the first Pokémon and ancestor of all other Pokémon who possesses all the moves of every Pokémon except Ultra Necrozma’s Z-move. Mewtwo genetically modified experimental Pokémon developed by scientists as a clone of Mew. Still, there is no clear reference which is the first Pokémon debatable with Arceus. Mew has considered a mythical Pokémon. Mew have usually seen flying around humans and other Pokémon invisible and hiding from them. It doesn’t have any evolution, being a legendary Pokémon with capabilities of flight, shapeshifting, teleportation.


National Pokédex number – 493

Height – 10′-6″

Type – Normal

Arceus is a god-like Pokémon that emerged out of an egg before the beginning of everything else. Arceus is a quadrupedal Pokémon with prominent large white skin and a black underbelly skin along with a golden wheel like a cross attached to its body which changes colour while changing its type by possessing a Z-crystal of a specific type. Judgment is a special signature move only available with the Pokémon Arceus. After emerging out of the egg, Arceus said to be alone Pokémon in the open nothingness where time and space irrelative which believed to be the first Pokémon and created the entire Pokémon world and using its thousand arms shaped the Pokémon universe. Arceus created the creation trio Pokémon Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina which control over their own dimensions of the universe.


National Pokédex number – 483

Height – 17′-9″

Type – Steel and Dragon

Dialga is a member of the creation trio along with Pokémon Palkia and Giratina being a dual-type legendary Pokémon. Dialga, a dark blue metallic skinned Pokémon of steel and dragon type with body form features with a long tail, long neck and a small head sauropod like creature. It controls and rules the time of the Pokémon universe. The time itself started to flow after its creation by the Arceus continues until Dialga roams the universe. Dialga have considered one of the deities in the Sinnoh region and only pokemon possess the roar of time. The rear spikes of Dialga grow when it uses the roar of time. The etymology of the word Dialga have derived from diamond. Dialga’s growth rate is slow and it is genderless.


National Pokédex number – 251

Height – 2′-0″

Type – Psychic and Grass

Celebi, a Pokemon species created by Ken Sugimori in the video game Pokémon Gold and Silver. Celebi is capable of travelling back in time and known as the guardian of the forest. It has worshipped as a god. Celebi is a pale green coloured onion-like headed Pokémon creature. Celebi’s feet are round and toeless, hands have three fingers, small wings in the back of the Celebi is translucent, its eyes surrounded with the thick black rings are large baby blue coloured, Celebi’s head has a blue-tipped pair of antennae. Celebi is a mythical Pokémon of psychic and grass type often visits undisturbed long grown forests wandering through time to the peaceful times and flourishes grass and trees for the endless presence of the uninterrupted green lands by leaving behind the egg from the future.


National Pokédex number – 244

Height – 6′-11″

Type – Fire

Ho-Oh, a guardian of the skies and trio master of the legendary beasts resurrected three legendary beasts by burning the Brass Tower namely Raikou, Entei and Suicune. Each of the three beasts represents different natural elements such as lightning strike which ignited the fire that consumed the Brass Tower, the flame that burned the Brass Tower and rain that quenched the flames of the burning Brass Tower respectively. Entei is a volcanic Pokemon, when a new volcano forms on the worlds surface a new Entei is born. Entei with its roar, makes a volcano erupt magma somewhere in the world but its fire is hotter than that of magma. It is a quadrupedal massive leonine covered with brown fur and long smoke running on its back. To control its enormous power, Entei runs at a high speed across grasslands.


National Pokédex number – 383

Height – 11′-6″

Type – Ground

Groudon is the generation-3 and ground type Pokémon with the physiology of bipedal dinosaur enclosed in red, hardened skin plates which acts as armour. As mentioned in its name, it has the ability to enlarge the continents. It is one of the two Primal Pokémon like Kyogre that can expand the oceans. Primal Pokémons are only capable of reverting to their ancient form, which gives them their full extreme power. The reverting of their primal form is known as Primal Reversion, where Groudon is represented with the symbol Ω (omega). Red Orb is the key for Groudon to Primal Reversion used by their counterparts, Leviathan and Ziz. It has the ability to activate harsh sunlight when it enters a battle, which may cause a very critical situation for Water-type Pokémons.


National Pokédex number – 381

Height – 6′-7″

Type – Psychic/Dragon

Latios is the generation-3 and psychic/dragon type Pokémon with physiology like a bird with a streamlined body. It has a huge belly bottom with sharp eyes, without legs. It has the ability to fly with the speed of sound by flapping its arms and shapeshifting. Also has a special ability called “Sight Sharing”, which can make the surroundings display like a hologram that allows seeing what exactly Latios see. Latios was the first dragon-type legendary Pokémon in National Pokédex order. Latios (male) and Latias (female) are known as Eon Duo of Hoenn. It is immune to ground-type attacks and moves. But, the only move with ground-type Pokémon to hit is Sand Attack. Lustre Purge, a psychic-type move is only known to Latios.


National Pokédex number – 484

Height – 13′-9″

Type – Water/Dragon

Palkia is the generation-4 and water/dragon-type Pokémon with the physiology of a dragon with a Palkia is the generation-4 and water/dragon-type Pokémon with the physiology of a dragon with armoured plates in shoulders and arms coloured with light pink-greyish white, and each limb holds five large nails. The armoured plates on its shoulders look like a rounded shell have a large pearl in its centre. Though it cannot fly, it has a wing-like structure on its back. It was created by Arceus, a mythical Pokémon to form the universe and create space along with Dialga and Giratina. These three Pokémons are known to be the Creation Trio. It can travel and create different dimensions and rotates space on its own. It is referred to as Spatial Pokémon as it can deform space.


National Pokédex number – 250

Height – 12′-6″

Type – Fire/Flying

Ho-oh is the generation-2 and fire/flying type-Pokémon with the physiology of Phoneix bird with wings coloured like a crimson red flame. It’s a Rainbow Pokémon species with the ability to deduct twice the opponent’s PowerPoints for every successful attack. It creates a stunning rainbow along the path it flies. It is the Trio Master of the Three Legendary Beasts – Raikou, Suicine and Entei. Ho-oh holds a particularly unique Sacred Ash item, which can revive all blacked out Pokémons to full PowerPoints. Ho-oh has a hidden ability that only nineteen Pokémons have: a regenerator. It idolizes the symbol of Resurrection, Longevity, and Reincarnation and created the three Legendary Beasts.


National Pokédex number – 146

Height – 6′-7″

Type – Fire/Flying

Moltres is the generation-1 and fire/flying-type Pokémon with the physiology of Phoenix bird with burning red-yellow flame on his head, wings, and tail and a long brown beak. It mainly lives around volcanoes or scorching high ground. Moltres have a healing ability when soaking themselves into the lava of active volcanoes. Moltres is the counterpart of Ho-oh and a part of Kanto Legendary Birds, Articuno and Zapdos. It has another form called Galarian form, which turns into dark/flying type Pokémon exclusive to the Crown Tundra in generation-8. Moltres has the same ability as Ho-oh, which is the pressure that reduces the opponent’s PowerPoints by half. It has another unique ability called Flame body, exclusive to Fire-type Pokémons introduced in generation-3. The flame body ability is a 30% chance of the opponent being burned in contact with this type of Pokémon.

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